Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Shopping for Leaving Presents

Last week of Easter hols and I'm trying to buy all the leaving presents seeing as I have 2 weeks left of school then study-leave (which includes WHY too many GCSE exams). I went town today especially because there's market on Wednesdays, and some of those markets are rather exotic with merchandise from around the world; really interesting things. However I didn't even reach the market! I got as far as the shopping centre and that took me ages and the waked thing is I haven't even brought half the things I need to get. I just draw a blank! Why on earth can't my mates have a set interest aside from music and make-up? Its so annoying. O.k. maybe I'm not being fair two like me enjoy photography, art and books but the rest are pretty blanked :@
Bad news I have to go tomorrow as well.... AND I have homework to do now.

~To the end of school which can't come soon enough.