Saturday, 15 March 2008

Yo Bloggers!

I'm writing to say that my current most used word -sad or not- is 'YO!'
Seriously i'm in school and i'm calling to my teacher "Yo!' and the great thing is most of them dont even care so untill the habit wears of -as is most likely cuz I get bored of it sooner or later - I'll be using this most cringing tearm.

I finally started to day like 10 days late so i'v got the worst case of cramps! HELP!

....And the thing is help did come in the form of 'JUICE' yup a new shop has just opened in Ropewalk which makes the juice right infront of you you can even select the fruits you want I just picked a selection called 'Forbiden Fruits' and trust when i say it was
goooood.... =]

I can still taste it although it finished really quickly. But it did help to sidestep the cramps that are still there :(

I am currently spring-cleaning my room throwing away rubbish, neatening my book and things and also putting together the books that I really don't need so I can sell them in Car Boot. But I have to wait till my dad comes back from jamaat (in 2/3 week time) so he can help me because if theirs one person who knows carboot it my dad.


Edit 28th April: O.K Just read this entry and God! did I cringe just to clear my mind I have definetly gotten out of that habbit. *shudder* . Let me just blame the time of the month (but even my mind does'nt undertsand that logic...). The only reason i'm not deleting this entry is because I believe that one day I may come upon it I remember that its not a bad thing to br wierd.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ljane Smith's comeback!!!

News of the week? L.J.Smith has made a come back! WOOHOO!!! =]

She now has a website
Which has the ending of Ash and Mary-Lynettes story (Night World #2: Daughters of Darkness) Although I think there's suppose to be a Part II cuz it says 'To be continued'.

Which reminds me that she has also posted a story about Keller (Night World #9: Whitchlight) and *SPOILER* She and Rashel (NW #5: The Chosen) are TWINS!!!!

I'm so glad that she's writing again. Just go on to her website (The link is above) There are even pictures of the characters.

I.C.T teacher should be proud cuz I'm not 'copy and paste' ing any of Ljanes

x peace x

P.S. She says in the BIO that shes trying to change her name to 'Ljane' so I've named the title so.