Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cathing Fire Chapters 1&2 [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Damn right sparks will fly!

Guess what i stumbled upon on the web today??? OK who cares im just gonna shout it out to the WORLD!!! .....well type it out to any bloggers who read this (in the WORLDDD) :DD

Anyways back to insanity:

The FIRST 2 CHAPTERS of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins which happens to be the sequel of The Hunger Games.

And yeah baby I'm just ruining it for myself but seeing as i stumbled upon the 2nd chapter first a read it, its only justifiable if i read the 1st one too, right?

'Yes right Sammy, of course you make sense!' replies the voice in my head. loool I'm such a freak...anyways here is the link to anyone who wants to ruin it for themselves. But take pleasure in the fact that in the US its coming out on September 1st and here in the UK on September 7th.... so its really not that long.... :)



Games...GCSE's....Gifts and g'Thanks! =)

Whhhhaaaaoooooooowwwwww THREEE FOLLOWERS I'm feeling kinda self conscious now loool jokes (welll kinda.... :D) but im still gonna write the usual rubbish i write i find it not only fun and rather therapeutic but also -after looking over a published entry- feel a sense of inner satisfaction ...and maybe even pride if the post has brought out a creative part of me :)

So anyways Thanks! to my followers I'll try not to waste your time! But if i do, what does one typically expect of a 16 year old girl?? :D [....but 17 in 2 months and 4 days, no I'm not counting but i did for this entry :D i just didn't wnt to write '2 and a bit' cause it's 4 DAYS!!! :))

So I finally got hold of substantial, good lasting Internet connection cause as its Ramadan the modems been turned off, my mums SO right everyone practically hugs the net lol I'm so glad I've got this laptop. However the effect of no Internet are really cool because now instead of hugging the comp or the ps3...or the psp...or the tv... or the dvds (lmao...) we all sit together playing boardgames and UNO and my personal fave: Finger on the Trigger. Which is Absolutely GREAT and totally random when playing with my eldest brother, i don't think he knows what fair game is. Oh! speaking of my big bro i ALMOST (and i say Almost because it was a draw...barely) thrashed him in Draughts and i had a long standing winning steak of Connect 4 Woooohooo i just love winning. And trust me when you have 6 (might i add Elder?) Brothers you learn to be ruthless *evil smile* looool

Not that im evil! *smirk* lol after all if 6 bros have that influence on me then my 5 sisters should equal it out.... kinda looool talking bout my sisters ALL 6 OFF US are together at home for the first time in ages!!! OK maybe not ages (since I certainly haven't lived through much...) but a Long time. And the best thing is its just so nice to talk none stop rubbish with them and staying up late attempting Sudoku but truly just trying to annoy everyone but Hey! You can be the youngest child of 12 and NOT have the irresistible urge to ANNOY looool

Oh i cant believe i forgot! My GCSE results. Which where by no standard the highest marks but seeing as i was totally p****** at most of the faculty by the end of my Year 11 and i just plain out couldn't be bothered to put my 2 cents worth in; the results where pretty good. I got *Eyes Wide* a A in English, 5 B's in Maths (SMILE!!), Science (double award so x2), Eng Lit and Textiles (Wtf??? loll at least Ab's is happy). The 2 C's in Urdu and RS and finally History were i got a D. loool i can just imagine what my history teacher would say to me if i met her again... :S

So i know, not the most sparkling results considering my cousin got FOUR A*'s, 3 A's and a B and C. Which BTW she almost cried over LMAO! just imagine she had got a D in history :p [Coookieeeee: if your reading this i hope you comment ;) and p.s. i Love you 2! :D )

Oh and then theres my other cousin (aka Soookie) who got 2 A*'s, 6 A's and a B. But the honest truth is - and i do mean in REAL true honesty- I'm not put out by my grades if i had got better yes it would have bee a great thing to brag about LMAO but I'm satisfied. Which is what IMO truly counts. Conformity of no grade, no statistic and no stereotype can make one feel as satisfied as conforming to ones own decisions. and taking apt responsibility. Hey! I'm not saying dont't get excellent results and don't revise i'm implying (in my own weird way) that to me if you don't enjoy it I see no reason to do it. Just like I REALLLY enjoyed revising for Maths i would actually sit for 4-5 continuous hours in the same position going over maths exam question and didn't get bord once! (only leg cramps) ...because it's something i personally wanted to do.

And anyone who knows me knows i'm not one to study, not only was i not a fan of school (unless you read or watch fiction where it actually looks pretty cool) but i just don't like rules unless i see a honest to god justification behind them. I also have a thing with authority add that to my Stubborn GENE TRAIT!!! =] and you have a recipe for.... welll I'm not sure but not good lool

Great thing was my sisters got me the latest Julia Quinn: What Happens In London (which btw is a Great read!) and a bra set in my old school colors ( *shudder* not cool guys but Thanks all the same!) for my results.

For those who should be starting school round about now Good luck!

xox Sammy

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The silent before the storm

Wooohooo!!!! My FIRST Ever Follower on I'm grinning like an idiot but I'm allowed :D

I just hope to god Blogspot doesn't become like Twitter (why do i even try to do that??) trust me when i say that its just another spamming network, all that happens (if you don't have secure account) if a crowd of women, with *uh um* pornographically profile pix looking to hook up.... simply put: Ewwwww :S Then next you get the advertising which is as annoying as my P pains which allow me to (again) say Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggggg....... Now that was nice.

Now back to life, yes dull but soon to be CRAZY, cause for anyone who's read previous entry's on the hectic areas of my life, that along with the title would CLEARLY indicate that yes, my family's coming

*tun-tun-ta-taa* loool i think that was more of a funeral march. But I'm So excited Three sisters are coming and that means five kids and 1 little sweet angel (A) =) apparently N & K have been preparing a trip somewhere for us all to go this Thursday its probably a theme park seeing as i cant imagine taking the kids to the museum....well I can imagine my self taking them -one day in my big black sexy Range Rover......... OK time to wake up now- but not with a whole entourage of people.

A cliche subject the weather. But seeing as this is England not known for its sunny, hot days and reliable summer I have to comment... Today if positively B-E-A-utiful! I woke up today nice an early, my hair wasn't playing up, i hadn't left my mp3 on all night and the sun was simply smiling down on me LooooL Cliched, i know but we have to admit cliche's are cliched because they're used so much and why may i ask are they used so much?? Because they have the charm of being the first of their kind and the underestimated beauty of the old.
Now its time to go town, cause knowin the weather it'll probably start raining when i leave the house.... but i think not. :D

xox Sammy

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hi! hi...hi...hi... LmaoHi! =DD

The Lady Ungraced

I little poem that came to me today. Its derived from various influences of the past few months...School, Summer Hols, Current Events and Entertainment:

It's a musty smell and
it's protuberant its here,
It's a dominant siren
its loud and its clear.
Its when the mother calls
your advice is all i hear,
when the teacher shouts my
opinion is all i perceive
and finally when i read your
words its the ink and
pulp i admire.
This is me the arrogant pup,
the lady who's passed the
ladies rut.
I'm demeaning, I'm
conniving yet that's what
they all love.
Why live in chastity when
vivacious is all the rage?
Why listen to the Parliament
when Vogue is much more
appreciated...yet both
disguise there faults
...tremendous faults.
xox The Lady Ungraced

x Sammy

Image: Dan Seagrave (Fall From Grace)

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Banner: Inactive USIM :'(

My beautiful, faithful and great truffle brown k770i

The day has arrived! The day when all things as i know have been perpetually altered. The day when I can say (In that melodramatic movie melody): Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The day is.... The day my mobile contract ended. =)
Actually theres no need to smile, but after that ridiculous introduction you can't help but smirk at my lunacy, right? LOL Anyways that simple fact....actually its in NO WAY simple!!!!..... of the matter is that my mobile contract has ended. The top of the well viewed screen reads: Inactive USIM.

Yes, my non-existent blog readers, I'm am officially mobile-less....or rather contract-less cause like hell I wont be using this mobile for its superb -and well used- camera, after all its
SonyEricsson the makers of the best Mobile Camera's =]

Oh and your probably thinking the most obvious: Why didn't she just upgrade the contract? And trust their (the Indian people behind the 3 service number) contract coerces Where appealing but seeing as I'm going of to boarding school soon, theres no point in re-newing it.
Oh well, I'm just gonna have to order a Sim and go pay-as-you-go for the next month and a half.

Take care x Sammy

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sugar Rush....or simply Rush

A funny day today.... it started good; I woke up early for once (its the holidays!!! :D) Anyways the weird thing was the house was quiet and i mean as in run-into-no-one-and-hear-nothing-Quiet which is Extremely odd as my sister (and hubby) are currently over with their four (LOUD) kids and so is my bro.... so I hop into the kitchen feeling all happy make a cup of tea then go to my room and enjoy it and just for the sake of it i'm callin up Sookie and Cookie to wake them up looool let me tell you THAT was FUUUNNNN after all its 9 o'clock =D

Then ofcousre the house becomes alive apparently evryone was in my mums room the hell didn't i hear any of that....cause trust my family is anything but quiet, God, i love them all So much <3.

One time went to town with S&C and that is amazing we always end up going town 1 hour later....but seeing as i was Mizz-Raise-An-Shine today i (literally) started their day early with the sounds of metal spoon CLANGING on metal saucepans =] God, that was Fuuuuunnnn....sookie got bare pissed *Big Wide Grin Invades My Face* lool.

But the weird thing is we went Library (a Must) then WHSmith (which BTW has a Great sale on stationary ATM), popped into The Body Shop and then hit Costa....and then that's all. Yup just went home cant believe i went to like one shop but spent like an hour in Costa reading Lisa Kleypas's Devil In Winter (for the 70th time...this year) and listening to S&C discuss the articles of (God Help Me!) The Evening Telegraph. Not that i have a problem with TET but cum on it's Costa and in their selection of Newspapers is -get this... The Evening Telegraph; The Mirror, The Star; The Nuneaton Telegraph and FINALLY The Times. ONE broad sheet in mass of tabloids...what happened to The FT, The Guardian and my personal favourite The Independent???

Oh well onto the next stage of my (albeit boring life) day: When my sister went home I spent the time annoying everyone by lounging on the sofa, making weird sounds and singing what ever came to my head...basically celebrating the fact that I'm back to being the youngest in the house =DD

This random post goes to Sookie, Cookie and My family LOVE you all loads and loads and loads
xoxo Sammy

Friday, 14 August 2009

IM BACK!!!! ...with waffle(s?) :D

You may not understand this post, it may seem a load of waffle but in truth its part soundboard and part therapeutic :D

I haven't frequented this blog in awhile... actually the bare truth is I've shamefully neglected it but I'm going to start updating *fingers crossed* REGULARLY.

That is until I'm off to boarding school but even then I'm going to try and make the time. I wonder if we're allowed on the Internet there? Probably not seeing as we're not even allowed mobiles, mp3 or 'novels, magazines' talk bout deprivation... But oh well it was my choice to go and I'm so glad i got accepted...even if i did kinda scare the women who was interviewing me by talking too much *cringe*. But that what happens when I'm nervous but WOOHOOO term starts on October 4th so Again WOOHOOO like FOUR MONTHS holiday and it's just so fun shopping for all my supplies. Can't help it man, it very 'retail therapy'...and i can't believ i just said that cause I'm usually the pessimistic one who would give a explanation (plus examples) on how retail therapy if false...which it is but I'm trying to think happy right now so SMILE!!!!! =DD

Lool that was so weird.
Till my next blog lots of love Sammy x