Sunday, 30 August 2009

Cathing Fire Chapters 1&2 [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Damn right sparks will fly!

Guess what i stumbled upon on the web today??? OK who cares im just gonna shout it out to the WORLD!!! .....well type it out to any bloggers who read this (in the WORLDDD) :DD

Anyways back to insanity:

The FIRST 2 CHAPTERS of Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins which happens to be the sequel of The Hunger Games.

And yeah baby I'm just ruining it for myself but seeing as i stumbled upon the 2nd chapter first a read it, its only justifiable if i read the 1st one too, right?

'Yes right Sammy, of course you make sense!' replies the voice in my head. loool I'm such a freak...anyways here is the link to anyone who wants to ruin it for themselves. But take pleasure in the fact that in the US its coming out on September 1st and here in the UK on September 7th.... so its really not that long.... :)




So Many Books, So Little Time said...

I'm reading this at the moment and it is AMAZING!

Sammy said...

OK I'm SO jealous! It comes out on the 7th here so I have to wait a while *sigh* But if I survived the past months then i can certainly wait 7 more days! :D
Enjoy and savour the book! I've heard its a speedy read just like The Hunger Games... cause we still have one book to go LOL.
Thanks for commenting! x

Sasha ^_^ said...

It's already out in the UK for some reason, i got it in waterstones the other day. IT IS SO AWESOME, i cried alot.
Also, I am so team Peeta ;)
Sasha x

Sammy said...

OMG!!!! You're right! I just checked for the stock level and my local shop (practically round the corner!) has 3 GREEN BARs (you know? High stock level). Now im going crazy because duh its 7pm and the shops arn't open :(
*deep breath* lol Anyways thanks SO much for telling me!
Oh and BTW, No way! Team Gale through and through he and Katniss suit SO much better. Plus if I had to choose between the two of them it would be *suprise, siprise* ...Gale :D

thnks for commenting x

Sasha ^_^ said...

When i found it in waterstones I actually had a little panic attack ^_^

I just think Gale's a bit... mean, and Peeta's so sweet, and blond, I'm a sucker for blonds ;)

Sammy said...

Can totally relate to the panic attack... =D
I on the other hand am a sucker for dark haired macho guys, total trouble i know but sometimes you can't help your taste... :>