Thursday, 11 September 2014

Farewell My Almost Blogger...

I come across a few blogs, personal networks etc etc where the respective creators had dubbed their previous entries as "the old me".
I don't know if I am a 'new' me and if the 'old' me has packed up and left.
But suffice it to say that I also felt the need for a change in scenery, or dashboard as the case may be here.

I cannot help grimacing over the second last entry I posted. I don't even doubt that even you, dear reader, would disagree with me when I say it felt like the starting of promotional networking. But I am no star, I am no celebrity and I am no world renowned scholar. I am me.
And this 'me' has decided to make a new blog.

Also it has truly been A LONGGG TIME since I deactivated many of my previous networking sites. Instagram being the one I tend to visit, as often as one would go oil an old garden fence.

The blog is on Wordpress gasp What sacrilegious behaviour is this!? You say.
But many a Luna cycles have passed since this faithful wordboard was initiated and WordPress just felt like the right way to go.

Now... Lets be honest here, I was a truly terrible example of a punctual blogger.
I hope I fare better of over in the land of WordPress. Most likely not.

I do not have the heart to delete these entries, so I won't.
And if I post again on here, know that of course one is allowed to sit upon a childhood swing set. Watch the vista of the past with all the tarnishes of the present. I hope no skyscrapers block me from you, dear old me.