Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Updates that are way late.

Been an age since i last writ! And guess what? I'm now 16! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Yup my birthday was on Monday (the 3rd). And I have a new resolution: Which is to 'priorities my priorities' LOL That sounded weird even to me although I have complete understanding of the statement.
Guess what i just read?

The EXCEPT of Princess Diaries 10!!! So good!!!! I totally need to read the rest. Which my brother just told me 'is the piont'. Whatever, it worked cause I still (really) want to read the rest.
Ive been checking up a lot lately probably cause I'm still a bit hooked onto His (Anthony Horowitz) latest release; The fourth book in his Power of 5 series: Necropolis. Which by the way is AMAZING! The ending actually left me mouth-opened-eyes-popping-speechless. Trust me if you haven't read The Power of 5 series, you are so missing put.

In other news got a new I.C.T teacher. Who its too early to judge seems to be quiet nice. But time will tell aside for that observation having anew teacher (sine the previous one's on maternity leave) quiet frankly: Sucks.

See B.Amina was cool. And if your reading this at the moment Baji (wouldn't put it past you LOL): Let me tell you you were one great teacher and I'm gonna miss ya. Lets hope this teacher can live up to it, not likely but miracles have happened.

God, I'm sounding way to cheesy, let me get put of here before I express my un-dieing love for... Shit I'm stopping now. However I'd like to say there is one person out their that i don't love at all, much less like. I won't say her name but if you know me you know her. Saj wasn't that audio clip just great? *gags* =DD

Much Love,

Sunday, 24 August 2008

I'm Home!!!

OK so I'm home!!! And I agree with whoever said that one of the best thing about going on holiday (or just away) is coming home. I came late last night but I found a parcel from Amazon; so finally (!!) I get to read Sammy Keyes and the Pshyco Kitty Queen and since I've now finished it (and simply craving the SK & the Dead Giveaway) I am now free to write this entry.

Oh and another thing My sis has named her daughter Maria which leads to the the topic of babies (...). Yup! The house is yet again packed out with kids. In total their are 6 of them and then three of my sisters are here so its real cool. only two bro's but whatever the house is like never quiet.

OK gotta go.

To Maria 'Princess'!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Park, Books and Books.

Just came back from the park and it was like soooo cool! seriously its all done new unlike Nuneaton which has like the lamest parks but whatever. It started to spit then rain but we carried on playing it felt cool. I took pictures but since I Left my USB wire at home i cant upload them till anther time. So till then. Raees rang me while I was there and she was like 'I haven't heard from you in ages! I didn't know if you where alive or dead!' and yes, that is a quote. LOL so Raees if you reading this tou'll know that i'm still alive in the Cyberworld and while at my sister's I am also not so sure if i was a home... =] unfortunately

Since I went library yesterday I've almost finished my third book Ive got like three others left to go then I'm heading back =] God, that reminds me I still need to go school shopping and I even though I'm trying to block all things school-related from my mind Raees asked me if i had 'done any homework?' to which of coarse the reply was 'Naa, you?'...Reply: 'Naa' LOL No wonder your such a great friend Raees! You rock!

Anyways the books two books I finished reading yesterday and the third I'm reading at the moment are WICCA or SWEEP (as you might know them as) by Cate Tiernan. Thres another SWEEP fan site that's cool, just click this.

They're real cool and bring back old memories. If you haven't read them then I suggest you try them out. I also got out This Lullaby by Sarah Desssen, it was recommended in a vlog on YouTube by StacyAnne so I'll check it out later. It looks good though so maybe more on that later I need to go out tea on... C ya.

This to books, what on earth would I do without them?

Monday, 18 August 2008

It a girl!

Hey I'm updating as soon as able cause I said i would. =]  I'm in stoke at the moment down my Big Sisters house along with her three daughters and my bro. Anyways down in B'ham my sister had a daughter around 1 am (just after i posted my past entry). Gotta go. Off to the library. =D

Finally time?

Khansa just phoned she was on her way to the hospital because her waters broke which means that at the moment (iA) she's in labour most likely cuz when she left Nuneaton and for the last few days shes been having really bad pains. Guess she just had to have it in Birmingham huh? lol also happens to be the very day she leaves Nuneaton! =] Oh well, I just hope she alright and I cant wait to find out if the baby's a girl or a boy. I don't know if this will change tomorrow's plans to go to Stoke maybe not but whatever I gotta sleep. Like that's gonna happen any time soon but i'm outta here. Till tomorrow (iA).

Lets give this to my sister, cause labour pains just dont sound good.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Disturbing Todd and Jokes

Just watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and let me tell you that was one disturbing movie! But we had some laughs you cant help it when I watch with my cousins Saj and Sarah plus the fact that Sarah pulled (or shall i say rolled?) out her new LOL. It was jokes ecspecailly cuz the blood in the movie often looked like pasta sauce (...and I LOVE PASTA!!!) So I was all weapon.'I prefer dolmino' and whatever... Nevertheless it was one weird, freaky movie.

That's all for now, my necks hurting and i wanna go drown in some caffeine.

To pasta cause its real easy to make and tastes good at any temp. =)

No hmwrk and Holly's story

Just got a text from Hid and it says:
Helo.dun any of ur hmwrk?

and do you know what? Nup, no I haven't. I haven't done jack. I said this to my mum and there was me thinking she'll be all 'get started' instead what she said was - a direct quote - 'just start it three days before school starts' LMFAO! That really made me laugh, honestly it was funny because its probably what all me and my mates will do =D

Just felt like writing something. I also have put up a link on the side (left) that if you click on it we allow you to read a except of Wendelin Van Draanen's book Runaway. its the story of Holly Janquell one of Sammy Keyes four girl friends. And it sounds cool so as soon as my latest Amazon orders come through I'm planing to order it, maybe it'll be at waterstones (I'll have to check) cause it sure isn't in library. Just click it and read its good, but sad.

So lets toast this to all us teens out in the world who just wish. And can still hope.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sammey keyes and the Runaway Elf

Sammy keyes and the Runaway Elf and I cant believe i didn't want to read it before because of the weird title, it absolutely GREAT! This was a true page turner for me maybe not as intense as SM & the search for snake eyes but defiantly another emotional roller-coaster and that's the thing that iv realised about SM books, Wendelin Van Draanen connects every action towards the end result. Every snooping and mistake is a nudge towards the final result and the journey is full of so many emotional upheavals like the feeling of drowning or the confusion of life and relationships makes this series so damn GOOD! Its truly different to so many books out their and I recommend it to ANYONE!!!

OK so you n=may read this and think 'Why the hell do I wanna read a sob-story?' and the answer is I totally phrased the emotions wrong its not full on brawling its the life of a teenage girl who lives illegally in a Senior Highrise while her mother makes her way in Hollywood and no dad.

God I really want to read the latest three out, That's the thing about living in UK The bloody books ain't even out down here. =] :
  1. Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen <--Ordered from Amazon should come any day soon (!!!)
  2. Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway
  3. Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things. <-- Heard that its like totally good and that we see more of Casey which is awesome!
WOW 2 (although short) entries in one day!

So lets put this to punctuality (god I hate that word it reminds me of school...)

xoxo Shal

a note

Reading SK & the Runaway Elf and iv had this one for a while but never read it cuz it just sounded to weird, but now that iv started to read it I cant stop its really good! Anyways gotta go...

Mum wants to buy a new sofa (dont blame her) so were of to Ikea... Oh, Great! and family outing to Coventry...Like my I don't go there everyday of term LOL

I keep have to remind myself to look at the good things at life so let me just make a new resolution: Do not express teenage depression on the web! =] That sounded funny.

My bro came yesterday, it was also his b0day his 17. Which reminds me that its my b-day in 2 months I'm gonna be 16!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

fluff and overcomeing... --Sammy keyes and Breaking Dawn.

O.K so people I am feeling TOTALLY better, or i am in the mental and emotional state BUT in the physical i so am not cuz Ive got my nephews shouting their (confusingly) small heads OFF!!! While playing ps34 and the truth is they're not even playing properly =DD

But lets ignore the cons and talk about just how much I love Sammy Keyes, okay? I can see my cousin rolling her eyes if she reads this cuz thay all say it for kids but whatevs... =]

I just read Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes
and I telling you not only is it GREAT but its like SOOOOO sad!!!! Seriously it made me cry!!!! and even though that's not the hardest thing sometimes thius was just like tooo sad and the thing is cuz Sammy is 13 and everything is her POV we totally empathise with the emotions *deep breath* I need to calm down the shouting getting louder and i now realise I can instantly move my head because it jolts like mad. LOL

Also another major thing is BREAKING DAWN, yup this book was WAY more than i expected. Seriously. Its like a extended epilogue with so much more than anticipated. Plus I loved how Stephenie Meyer tyed up all the loose strings it was pretty cool. Also after reading I was like SM you just have to write a story on Nessie and Jake, PLEASE!!!! Oh and I have to tell you i totally love the character Garret cuz if you've read it you have to admit his 'revolutionist' ism (?) and speech making is totally Awesome!

Oh an I brought two Sammy Keyes book from car boot totally great cond and it really made my day. God! im kinda really sad, arnt i? actually don't answer that... LOL =]

Tototal random, its just a given. =]

Thursday, 31 July 2008

crappy or cramppy?

O.K so today im like REALLY REALLY pissed off. and its the "i dont effing care, life sucks and can i just kill myself?" pissed of as well
Seriously i thonk I should jsut write a lovely list. So here goes:

  1. Woke up so bloody early that i had to make bloody cheesball. FGS! man who can be assed? all this making of it all has makd me loose my appatite for them. And its the blimmin SUMER HOLIDAYS which means your not ment to do jack! God whatver it done and engraved its laborious self on my already black mood.
  2. Next: I spent this WHOLE WEEK creating a video for YouTube and yesterday i eidted the ACTUL final video like THREE time (again!) so today the first thing I come on to upload it I blimmin DELETED IT!!!! So FGS! What am i suppose to do now? just sit their looking at all the saved material that makes up the blimmin vid? or make a whole new one? No I think NOT! And i know its my whole bloody fault (everthing is, i hate blaming others even when pissed ) but God how much can a girl take when it the ToM? huh? And dont even annswer that, actually dont even answer ANY of this (if youve even reached this far in the tiraid..). Whatever.
  3. O.K so I go on to to read todays quote which is: "Jacob: "I'll kill you myself! I'll do it now!" And instead of going into a reveare of theory of what it could mean I just think "FOR god sake! Cantthe blimmin book just come out instead of making us so bloody despret? Whats the point of all the suspence when UK reader (like myself) arnt even going to get two extra quotes for the TWO EXTRA days that we have to wait? And also whats up with that? When Harry Potter came out the release in UK and US was exact same just maybe a slight difference in the time.
  4. NEXT is that theres me looking out the frontroom window when i see the beautiful, atmospheric hueness of the moring sky (told you i woke up too bloody early) AND do you know what i though? -after strolling outside at my morose leasure time? I tjought 'WHY the bloody hell am i sitting at home on the bloody SUMMER HOLIDAYS? Whay the hell arn't i atleast seeing the sky Yorkshire? or much less Birmingham? And just writing that makes me depressed cause why on earth am I to go to even Birmingham? Atleast in Yorkshire, albeait Batley, i'll see some county side while in B'ham is like 15 MINUTES away! Serioulu BOTTOM LINE is staying indoors is messing with my head , i need freash air and all i'm getting the bloody chapatty smoke. God why doesnt my mum want to go anywhere> its summer holiday which I now realise that on this blog -as well as real life- I am constantly REPEATING???!!!!

*DEEP BREATH* ......... I know i told my mates that i would update as soon as I could and this doesn't really count as the best update but maybe my next post will be more... i cant even think of a work....urrr...Jolly? Yes that's something i'm certainly NOT feeling.

And i'm rather sad (i know! ANOTHER...) that I'm not in a better mood because I have so much GOOD and NICE news to express but im certainly not saying it now cuzz i feel sick and my cramps are now officially killing me.


Thursday, 17 July 2008


WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *doing the tango... inside* =]

Seriously you don't understand! Its like finally being able to breath. Honestly I had started to think of school as a form of compulsory TORTURE and I'm not kidding either. My only hold on survival is my mates, or should i say inmates? =] (I know that sounds way drama-queenish but just bear with me cause: I'M FREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao) xDDD

Anyways what should i do now that my calender is empty as can be and all I have to look forward to this hols is the release of Breaking Dawn which doesn't come out till Monday 4th August so its like 18 days or summing till then...

YouTube has been fun in the last weeks iv uploaded a couple of vids just to try out the thing. But I still prefer to watch vids =]. Twilight (the movie) has a new clip out. Apparently its the new trailer but I'm not so sure since we have some presenter guy talking in the background, there's no catchy phrases flashing on the screen ( you know the type? its like: 'When you live forever... What do you live for?' And you know what i mean...) and also half of the vid is full of 'Edward smashing up the floor boards' =] Just watch the clip

But anyways iv embedded it below so have fun watching cause seriously I CANT WAIT!!! for both 4/8 and 12/12.

Cool or what? Although there was this comment of the vid by someone (Sorry! I cant remember the name) but its also a though that I had which was that they will probably show all the clips of the movie before it even comes out. LOL. As much as I enjoy all the sneak peeks i have to say that would be a bummer I like a surprise as well as the next person. So i really do hope they (the movie people) don't release ALL the things they already have a great fan-base they don't need to promote it that much so i really cant wait... Its like 5 months left or something? Yup that's correct I really should get the movie countdown for the page.

xoxo Shali

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

TWILIGHT on Entertainment weekly

ewcover.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x672 pixels)

This is a coming cover of Entertainment weekly featuring a interview with Stephenie Meyer.
*runs off jumping and screaming!'

OMG!!!! People just LOOK at this cover its mag!!!! (mind the pun) Now I'm gonna go try to spread the news... =] Actually for some reason i cant seem to put it up but
'i will not give up' shali says to herself, madly typing at the keyboard. She must save the pic she MUST!

Shal zooms of.............................

i no I'm weird but u no u luv me )well i no you weird class mates of mine do =])

xoxo Shal
Edited: Shal did it! WOOHOO! O.k now shal admits shes just plain weird and it wasn't so hard she must have been too excited. (I've posted a pic of it... as you can probably already see... =] )


Just a update.

Hey people!
In school at the moment got a full-dress assembly rehearsal at 10:30 (or summit...) anyways just felt like popping in since I haven't written in AGES!
God did Sid just say 'did you know yesterday your arse was on fire?' to Zak? LMAO that girl is seriously weird (I love you if your are reading this) Now shes attempting to 'help' Zak and Fatima with painting but we all know that girl cant do jack... =]

Joined a Twilight BB its actually quiet cool to discuss all My theories but i still [prefer for that. Plus the Twi BB has really small font and the avatars are like finger-print size! Honestly where the hell do you get 'fingerprint' avatars. (I tittled it myself so don't go googling for 'fingerprint avatars' ) LOL. Plus: We have to 'browse' off the computer for the avatar I'm so much used to just pasting in a URL. But that's enough whining on my part I have to go now.

xoxo Shal

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Let the war begin!

{God, lets hope not}

OMG!!! You just have to watch this vid:

Personally i don't see a need to compete but lets face it theirs ALWAYs competition And the fact that Twilight and Harry Potter are both:
  1. Set among mystical creatures
  2. Have HUGE fan bases - Have you seen the amount of fan sites out there?
  3. Have the whole 'The wait is over. At 12:01 a.m...'
  4. Are AMAZING
  5. Great
  6. ...and i love them (o.k lets say LOADS of people LOVE them)
  7. Movies come out 2 weeks apart
  8. And so many more but I'm not thinking coherently. =]
Anyhoo don't you just LOVE the hype? *cackles evilly*

And even though I feel bad (well only a tiny bit) that IMO I'm siding with Twilight. Just look at it this way: Harry Potter (the books) are over while the movies are only just starting to not suck. While on the other hand we have the Twilight Series that's still got it blood flowing and has two more releases (Braking Dawn and Midnight Sun) and a movie that no one has seen yet so anticipation and not to mention hyperventilation (over Edwards crooked smile...*sigh*) just seem to reel me in that direction.

But as I said that's my opinion. Feel free to comment your opinion.

x peace x

Friday, 13 June 2008

Try a apple. Anyone?

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer

I first heard about this book when my brother tried to show me the movie trailer -tried since it didn't load - Right after reading movie synopsis I became obsessed with the actual story since it sounded so very much like Ljane Smith's Night World. You know? The whole vampire/human soul-mate scenario. I amazed myself at the determination and obsession this book had on me even before I had read even a except, much less the blurb! and written by a author of whom I had never heard of before that day, added to that i had a feeling it would just be a glossed-up version of Ljane's Night World (Boy was I wrong!) However despite all this the next day I found myself heading straight to Waterstones after school and buying the book.
It may not be very rare for me to be obsessed over a bo
ok but it is a new found feeling for me to find a book that I simply crave to read again and again after reading, crave to read more and to to feel so in tune with the characters. I've requested New Moon from the library since its the only Stephanie Meyer book they have in Warkwickshire library's (!!!) and I'll probably order Eclipse (the third book) on Amazon.

I want to write a review but I not very experienced at the whole published review, but I'll try...later. I gotta go.

Anyways one last thing. READ IT!

Plus a movie based on the book comes out on 12-12-08. Featuring Robert Pattinson as the handsome vampire Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan:
Recognise Edward from the fourth Harry Potter movie? Yup its 'pretty-boy Cerdic'! =] Those in the background are the Cullens: L -R: Alice, Emmett, Roselie and Jasper.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

So...Wheres my lost Duke?

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn came out today!

... In the US

Well that pops my balloon... *Sad sigh*

However that fact that I couldn't order it (I'll talk of this new resolution another time; its long and deserves a entry of its own - no matter how... un-
new (?) it becomes) really started to kill me cuz everyone knows: I LOVE buying BOOKS!!! EBay it, Amazon it, Que at midnight I'm there!

Anyways back to my story. I was saved from sudden (well slow) death (Melodramatic or what?) when at the last moment -yup a straining ONE day before release -Monday 26th May- My sister Khansa pre-ordered it!!! WOOHOO!!! And you guessed it, I'm next (Why does she have to live in Birmingham?) But coming from the US its estimated arrival is the 20th June. Finger-crossed that it will come WAY before then...

of June the answer is the stores in You may ask why I (cross that out Shali!) don't just buy it from UK since it comes out on the 5th Nuneaton don't get new books from JQ an till WAT after publication date. I'm pained to say that shes just not as famous as McEwan and Roberts - In my opinion she should be; shes great! And I recommend her to anyone.

With a new bubble or did I use balloon?

peace x

P.S.: A Interesting fact: In TLDOW the Dukes family surname is Cavendish. And you as you know i went to Chatsworth a couple of days ago, so guess what? The (who live there) surname is ALSO Cavendish. Duke and Duchess of DevonshireCoincidence? I think not.

But if you look at it Quinn has a imagination so she must have thought of it on her own w
ell unless she like me saw what a beauty Chatsworth is and inspiration struck ( Jane Austen's 'Pembely'. Which any fan of austen knows was inspired by chatsworth).

Monday, 26 May 2008


O.K. Had one of the greatest days in my life yesterday and even though its taken me this long to finally narrate it I am full of such... Exuberance. Yup, that fits. Anyways Yesterday courtesy of my brother (in-law): Mol Sid, my sister Memz and my dreams =] I went, finally! to Chatsworth!

WOW I'm still so psyched, which if you look at how long I've wanted to go Chatsworth (like forever! Just ask anyone who knows me...) shouldn't be much of a surprise. I went with Sums (my niece) and as I mentioned before my sister and her husband.

After trying so many times to express what a great time I had and how beautiful Chatworth and Derbyshire is I'm just going to post some of photos that I took. Hope you enjoy looking at them while keeping in mind that pixels can never give justice to real-life.

To tired to write anything else. Why do I seem to get so tired so easily lately? Its really annoying me; I don't even have any school (thank god!) Anyways... It was great next on my historic house to visit is Stoneleigh Abbey. I know, I know! I just got to go somewhere so i should calm down a little, but you know what they say: 'Aim high' and right now I'm liking the phrase not that I milk everything for what its worth I just LOVE to dream. and being in such a frivolous mood I'll say something that I will probably never say aloud (I prefer to keep most thoughts within): Oh crap I can't say anything I just can't I'm so used to keeping feelings like this in that publishing it is just too out... Sorry for the lead up.
I seriously need to go sleep now I feel like I'm falling asleep on this chair =]
The only hint i can give (blatant or not) is that tomorrow I'm going library and getting out: England: Travels Through an Unwrecked Landscape. Oh God! Now I'm loosing my mind(This is what happens when i begin daydreaming)

peace x

Thursday, 22 May 2008

A total loss of week

Week in a word? Fast
I first opting for 'Busy' but the only repetitive thing I've done aside from attending school is watching 'Gossip Girl' and trust me when i say 'busy' cuz (I) having only started watching it (GG) this week, I have already watched the whole first season (!!!). Now, would you call that a waste of great worship/homework time? or just fine for someone my age? Well seeing as I had a actual GCSE Science test- Unit 1 this Wednesday, I know i should have been more concerned about the test, but I did revise and all in all I think I must have at least scraped a C. Which is actually fine by me but if (and I pray it is so) that i do get above then WOOHOO!!!

Now as you may have realised the Half-term Holiday looms above me (and maybe even you) and do you know that means in my life? Yup in (again) one word: Family

Starting from today the quiet house of 6 went up by another 6 giving a nice round Dozen (lol). But trust me mores on the way (inshaallah)

I can't think what I'm doing so I'm going of now. Ta!

x peace x

Monday, 12 May 2008

Seven Words Before School

Just a quick entry before I get ready for school...
Well I could start with those constant seven words that tape themselves around my head:
'Can't Be Arsed To Go To School', yup that's seven words. I'm gonna try to come up with nee ones once in a while. It would probably be best if I put it in a morning entry that way I get my brain to start thinking... lol. Yes Shali, The sentence you just came up with was really strenuous... LOL.

Oh well that made me feel a touch better. Now I just gotta prepare myself for double R.S and Urdu (God! I hate those lessons; Don't get me wrong I understand that they may come of importance but for the now ... I Just Can't Be Arsed =] )

O.K, so why is my mum sitting around a pile of books reading a book titled: The Burma-Siam Railway ? I just asked her and she said its interesting and that its very detailed.

Spent yesterday watching the last two episodes of the Star Wars trilogy ( and Empire Strikes BackThe return Of The Jedi) I can't believe i forgot much of what happens I felt as if i was watching it for the first time!

Gotta go...

x peace x

Thursday, 8 May 2008


O.K so after mentioning
Hugo Weaving (Two posts earlier) I couldn't get V for Vendetta out of my mind when attempting to write todays entry. I really don't want to write about the usual; school, books and the like... God! Put that way my life sure looks dull! But just thinking about that I realise that i like it that way (most of the time), the idea of life suddenly taking a deep bend really (and I mean REALLY) gives me the heebz... I like to know whats going to happen. The element of the unexpacted has never really been a part of my life, so that probably explains why I like the right (IMO mott) and habitual way of ife.
Bottom line: I like routine and I like the sanctuary of book. Oh crap, I'm doing that whole self-analysing thing! Knowing Hanoofa (a teacher) I'll be doing it in PSHE tomorrow (and trust me when I say; I don't like it! Its too disconcerting). Oh crap! I'm talking about school *shal bangs her head*. Anyways back to what I was talking about; Hugo Weaving. =]

Which brings us to V for Vendetta, which then leads me to The 'V' speech... So without further ado I present that cool... V (;>) speech:

And just for fun (well in my opinion, lol) I've given it in writing:

VoilĂ ! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.
The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous.
Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.

God! That was fun... lol

x peace x

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Just trying this e-mail feature.

I already published a big enough blog for today but I really want to see if this email-to-my-blog thing works so lets see. Well if your reading this It has. =]

Today's book: Finished Honest Illusion by Nora Roberts
                    Was attempting to read Amanda Quick's : Wait Until Midnight.
  However before i could get into it I found a certain (can't remember the name; I'll give it later) Star Wars book that my brother just brought today. But since his reading it I haven't been able to read it properly but I'm quiet excited  cause Mara-Jade comes in it and I absolutely love all those SW books that do have her in them.
 But while I wait I'm going back to some Balogh's and  Quinn's . Actually I really should try and get into that Amanda Quick book...
Anyways gotta go...
 x peace x

A weird weekend.

Well this day has certainly been ... different. Well as in oppose to normal days when I just:
1) Go school
2) Read
3) Eat
4) Some chores
5) Attempt to do homework
6) Surf the net
7) And sleep

But now that during Friday and yesterday the house occupants went up from the normal 5 to a big loud, boisterous and whooping 22!!! I finally came up with a answer to my last post; Yes, it is a good thing! I'm having so much fun! Normally I would be couped up in my bedroom reading *guilty*. But yesterday being such a fine weather me had tea in the garden while the kids messed around. Then with the kids I sat down and watched Enchanted which was... lovely *sigh* seriously, I love it when they make movies that are so... weird (for lack of a better word... unique?) For example how I love Shrek (come on you have to as well!) its a great concoction of fairy tales added with a great ugly ogre as the hero (plus Bonnie Tyler's great 'I Need A Hero' playing in my mind...). Although Enchanted doesn't run with the whole ugly-duckling theme, the characters are all amazingly... perfect...? Code by Dan Brown) ruin my image of the book. But Its a lovely lite-mood movie that really lifts your spirit and makes you laugh. Plus we get to see James Marsden singing... LOL. Next we watched The DiVinci Code, I think the reason I didn't watch it when it came out is because I didn't want the film adaption of such a great book (The DiVinci I'm happy to say that I was actually impressed with the movie it was good (although its complicated if you don't understand the theme... or in other words those who haven't read the book). Talking about complicated another movie that I watched was Matrix Revolution (it was coming on TV so I couldn't help myself... well is that suppose to be that I did help myself?) And as was bound to happen I became really sad that Neo and Trinity die! *sob, sob* Trust man, I'm in mourning (well, figuratively) But anyways if you want boggle your mind out just watched that especially if you haven't watched the first two of the trilogy (lately). But despite the grieving and the conviction that Matrix (One) was the best in the trilogy, I have to say that it was nice to see the whole Matrix gang again after so long... Even Agent Smith (probably because he's played by Hugo Weaving who plays V from V for Vendetta.=] )

Oh god its not even 10 o'clock in the morning and the I can hear the song 'How Do I Know' from Enchanted cause the kids are already watching... And I'm missing Breakfast.

Gotta go.

x peace x

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Woopee... right?

Hey people!
Like the new look? I wanted to go of something that dosent format my text in a narrow alley. So now its a bit better but it'll do untill fancy stricks again. I've also added widgets (finally! understanding what they are...). I should be going library now. So untill another time.
Oh BTW the house is getting full again! (I supose its a good thing, right?) Two sisters came yesterday along with my three nieces and today another sisters coming with her two sons so them addaed with the 6 already at home and my brothers (his wife and two kids) who most likly are coming aswell all adds up to a big nice 18! (faint) -lol-.


Monday, 28 April 2008

Timetable change... Again!

School sucks. Got a new timetable, whoevers heard of another timetable change in the middle of the term? And its worser (is that a word?) than the last. God we have C.C THREE times on monday!!! Kill me now why dont you.
*deep breath*

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Which Julia Quinn Heroine Are You?

I love quizzes , even flow charts and the rest, as long as they take the the time it takes to get to Africa I'm fine with them... Well most of them, prefer entertaining ones that like; 'Which cartoon cartoon character are you?' or 'Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?' or even 'Are you a born leader?' (Actually I've never done that one so if anyone knows a link just holla...)

Anyways from the BB that I'm a member of (Eloisa James & Julia Quinn Bulletin Board), I found a link to this great quiz 'Which Julia Quinn Heroine Are You?' (For those who don't know who JQ is well Lady! -I mention the females since she writes romance novels, although I have no problem with men reading them its just more... feminine- anyway... Lady, you're seriously missing out, she just happens to be one of the best a authors in the WORLD!!!)

the link is:

And I'm happy to say that I'm Lucy! (Don't even care if you don't know who the hell she is)

Actually it's quiet a coincidence seeing as yesterday and today I've been reading On the Way To the Wedding (twice). I absolutely love this book its so... different (for lack of a more expressive word.) to the normal books.

Oh that reminds me! I finally read SIMPLY PERFECT and god! It was so worth the wait! Mary Balogh has hit another winner i tell you. *sigh*
Its now 11:30 p.m i really should be heading to bed but its been such a long time since I wrote on this blog. Anyway until another entry... I hope.


Saturday, 15 March 2008

Yo Bloggers!

I'm writing to say that my current most used word -sad or not- is 'YO!'
Seriously i'm in school and i'm calling to my teacher "Yo!' and the great thing is most of them dont even care so untill the habit wears of -as is most likely cuz I get bored of it sooner or later - I'll be using this most cringing tearm.

I finally started to day like 10 days late so i'v got the worst case of cramps! HELP!

....And the thing is help did come in the form of 'JUICE' yup a new shop has just opened in Ropewalk which makes the juice right infront of you you can even select the fruits you want I just picked a selection called 'Forbiden Fruits' and trust when i say it was
goooood.... =]

I can still taste it although it finished really quickly. But it did help to sidestep the cramps that are still there :(

I am currently spring-cleaning my room throwing away rubbish, neatening my book and things and also putting together the books that I really don't need so I can sell them in Car Boot. But I have to wait till my dad comes back from jamaat (in 2/3 week time) so he can help me because if theirs one person who knows carboot it my dad.


Edit 28th April: O.K Just read this entry and God! did I cringe just to clear my mind I have definetly gotten out of that habbit. *shudder* . Let me just blame the time of the month (but even my mind does'nt undertsand that logic...). The only reason i'm not deleting this entry is because I believe that one day I may come upon it I remember that its not a bad thing to br wierd.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ljane Smith's comeback!!!

News of the week? L.J.Smith has made a come back! WOOHOO!!! =]

She now has a website
Which has the ending of Ash and Mary-Lynettes story (Night World #2: Daughters of Darkness) Although I think there's suppose to be a Part II cuz it says 'To be continued'.

Which reminds me that she has also posted a story about Keller (Night World #9: Whitchlight) and *SPOILER* She and Rashel (NW #5: The Chosen) are TWINS!!!!

I'm so glad that she's writing again. Just go on to her website (The link is above) There are even pictures of the characters.

I.C.T teacher should be proud cuz I'm not 'copy and paste' ing any of Ljanes

x peace x

P.S. She says in the BIO that shes trying to change her name to 'Ljane' so I've named the title so.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Homework Part II : Midnight

Hugh 'Sigh'
So its now exactly midnight and I've done the assembling of science folder, writing of letter to parents, the two English essays, cleaned my room and caught up on details of the Marquess of Attingsborough... I just couldn't help it. My cousin returned my copy of A Summer To Remember and he comes in it, but you have to understand that he only appears in like 5 of the pages (much to my dismay) and very briefly so that didn't take much time...

I can't be arsed with my textiles seriously the women's going to throw me daggers so I'm just going to do what i usually do which is look into the future (perhaps the day of judgment) and know that it won't mean jack then so flick...

Ok what the hell is 'flick'? I really need to sleep...Every things going blurry and my bro's pissed cuz i think i jacked his Internet time...

x peace x

Question of my blog: Why won't the spellcheck work?

I need sleep........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Homework...Just to organise my thoughts.


  1. English essay question (c/w)
  2. English test question (c/w)
  3. Letter to parents...Of thanks for donation.
  4. History questions ... Well everything really. I'm still on lynching which is like 40 pages behind where we are...
  5. Organise English folder.
  6. MAKE a science folder
  7. R.S essay (or is it essay'S?). Oh I am so getting a detention for that...
  8. Summaries TEXTILES sheets... Why??? I ask WHY???
  9. Poem for that House of Hafsa things....

Oh I am sooooo dead!!!!
Kill me now why don't you! (NOTE: This is to my teachers)
Actually don't (kill me that is) I need to finish my kazaz...

Until another more exciting day...NOT.

x peace x

Can't forget: IMPROVE MY SPELLINGS!!! Just like a 6 year-old...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

I swear to god...!!!!!!!! :<

Oh god! Can you believe tomorrow means BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! *drop dead*
I haven't even STARTED my homework!!! Oh I am soooo dead. And those teachers won't leave me alone!
God I actually got an email from my tutor asking for a draft of a campaign letter to parents!
and CC (Captain Complain) another teacher who eats my guts PHONED me!!! To make sure i bring in certain books!!!
It's suppose to be a HOLIDAY!!!
I swear that when I'm a teacher i am NOT going to give homework in the holidays or weekends unless the student is REALLY behind.

I so need to start my homework but at the moment I'm sterilizing my room (no kidding).

x peace x

Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Realist...Can't help it.

O.K I'm going crazy! I NEED my mobile! I'm just realising just how much I rely on my mobile.
I'm even going so crazy as to say that my mobile is my best friend!.

Which just has to be nonsense because I DON'T believe in best friends.

Sure i believe in mates but I don't like that whole sentiment of 'Best Friends Forever'. To me that just sounds silly or just childish.
Which people might say that i being only 15 I am (a child that is) I'm not. I'm a teenager who thinks like an adult.

And no I'm not saying it to look impressive or sound mature, its just that I find all the trends of teens that my mates obsess over ridiculous. I prefer to look at the more rational side of the issue which just makes my mates say that 'I need to act my age' fortunately there's no '...not your shoe size' in the quote.

But the fact of the matter is that while most of my mates are all the oldest in their family I happen to be the youngest of 12 thus allowing me to understand what the true future holds like LIFE full of uncertainties, mortgages, work and consequences. Not the fantasy of teen that they will all go uni get their degree, become rich, marry a millionaire become famous and the rest of that fant-land...

I'm not going to say that I don't have fantasies its just that I don't hold to them as a life resolution and MUST have. God I hope I don't start to...

Now back to my mobile since my contract came to a end at the end of January 08. I ordered a new mobile which should have come on Tuesday 12th February but its just my luck that every thing that i order online ALWAYS comes late so now I've got that tedious email stating that i call them concerning the problem

Oh I really am going crazy.

x Peace x

OH Great! I have more homework...
Oh and just ignore any spelling its just not my forte.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Just a few random facts about me...

  • I'm the youngest girl and child in a family of 12!
  • I'm 15 but already have 10 nieces and nephews
  • I HATE fungi and ugly growing things, Seriously I can end up being irked for ages!
  • I LOVE chicken pasta, its god-like. =]
  • I don't like to eat take-out or restaurant food. I just don't trust them or fancy it either.
  • I'm a Muslim and LOVE it!
  • I absolutely LOVE books! As you probably already figured... I'm addicted to historical's LOL
  • I want to be a teacher. (well I wouldnt mind...)
  • I'm enjoy writing...or typing...
  • ...but in all honestly i'm CRAP at spellings.

x peace x

Monday, 11 February 2008

CAN'T WAIT!!!...for women

O.K so my first blog and all i can say is I CANT WAIT for MARY BALOGH'S coming-soon BOOK!!!
I know I'm acting (or writing) really mad but I feel completely mad but i really can't help it I'm just to ecstatic and can't wait.

Its called SIMPLY PERFECT. The forth and final installment of The Simply quartet by Mary Balogh which comes out on March 28th 2008. But with my great luck that only applies in the US so I'm going to just have to wait a copula months until it comes out here in the UK or I can just be my usual obsessed self and pre-order it for Amazon.COM with a humongous charge...Which is probably what I'll do =]

If you are a women who loves her regency/historical romance novels you just HAVE to read books by MARY BALOGH. Her SLIGHTLY series (about the Bedwyn family) is what made me interested in her books and I have to say with good reason. Read it.

Until another blog. I'm not going to say a more interesting one because i LOVE this book! (No need to add that i have not read it yet...)