Monday, 11 February 2008

CAN'T WAIT!!!...for women

O.K so my first blog and all i can say is I CANT WAIT for MARY BALOGH'S coming-soon BOOK!!!
I know I'm acting (or writing) really mad but I feel completely mad but i really can't help it I'm just to ecstatic and can't wait.

Its called SIMPLY PERFECT. The forth and final installment of The Simply quartet by Mary Balogh which comes out on March 28th 2008. But with my great luck that only applies in the US so I'm going to just have to wait a copula months until it comes out here in the UK or I can just be my usual obsessed self and pre-order it for Amazon.COM with a humongous charge...Which is probably what I'll do =]

If you are a women who loves her regency/historical romance novels you just HAVE to read books by MARY BALOGH. Her SLIGHTLY series (about the Bedwyn family) is what made me interested in her books and I have to say with good reason. Read it.

Until another blog. I'm not going to say a more interesting one because i LOVE this book! (No need to add that i have not read it yet...)

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