Monday, 18 February 2008

Homework...Just to organise my thoughts.


  1. English essay question (c/w)
  2. English test question (c/w)
  3. Letter to parents...Of thanks for donation.
  4. History questions ... Well everything really. I'm still on lynching which is like 40 pages behind where we are...
  5. Organise English folder.
  6. MAKE a science folder
  7. R.S essay (or is it essay'S?). Oh I am so getting a detention for that...
  8. Summaries TEXTILES sheets... Why??? I ask WHY???
  9. Poem for that House of Hafsa things....

Oh I am sooooo dead!!!!
Kill me now why don't you! (NOTE: This is to my teachers)
Actually don't (kill me that is) I need to finish my kazaz...

Until another more exciting day...NOT.

x peace x

Can't forget: IMPROVE MY SPELLINGS!!! Just like a 6 year-old...

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