Sunday, 17 February 2008

I swear to god...!!!!!!!! :<

Oh god! Can you believe tomorrow means BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! *drop dead*
I haven't even STARTED my homework!!! Oh I am soooo dead. And those teachers won't leave me alone!
God I actually got an email from my tutor asking for a draft of a campaign letter to parents!
and CC (Captain Complain) another teacher who eats my guts PHONED me!!! To make sure i bring in certain books!!!
It's suppose to be a HOLIDAY!!!
I swear that when I'm a teacher i am NOT going to give homework in the holidays or weekends unless the student is REALLY behind.

I so need to start my homework but at the moment I'm sterilizing my room (no kidding).

x peace x

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rayyan said...

haha!! seriously..ur lucky u dnt live on the bloody road!! a get a call at 12pm to go n SEND the books .. haha!! life is grand isnt it!?!?