Monday, 18 April 2011

... Procrastination

Its something we do a lot,
Realise: I hate generalising....but
its it in arrogance,
stubbornness, self-righteousness, or simply not-in-the-mood
we procrastinate.

To be honest I have not a doctored answer
not someone with a pHd in psychology or
similar social science fields
but I do know myself
and I claim to know the humans around me,
obviously not to the mediocre level
....but then who but the One does?
Not even ourselves, we can't even diagnose our own feelings
much less our own pain
so what gives us the UN-urge?

The need to not be needed,
or the want to not want
perhaps even the prevention of sudden possibilities
Is it the innate wonders for self-preservation?
Maybe, perhaps.
These words procrastinate. I feel it
I see it. And to God I will never truly understand it.

Inadvisable. Disguises.
Certainly Detrimental.

Good Luck for the Summer to come x