Monday, 18 February 2008

Homework Part II : Midnight

Hugh 'Sigh'
So its now exactly midnight and I've done the assembling of science folder, writing of letter to parents, the two English essays, cleaned my room and caught up on details of the Marquess of Attingsborough... I just couldn't help it. My cousin returned my copy of A Summer To Remember and he comes in it, but you have to understand that he only appears in like 5 of the pages (much to my dismay) and very briefly so that didn't take much time...

I can't be arsed with my textiles seriously the women's going to throw me daggers so I'm just going to do what i usually do which is look into the future (perhaps the day of judgment) and know that it won't mean jack then so flick...

Ok what the hell is 'flick'? I really need to sleep...Every things going blurry and my bro's pissed cuz i think i jacked his Internet time...

x peace x

Question of my blog: Why won't the spellcheck work?

I need sleep........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Homework...Just to organise my thoughts.


  1. English essay question (c/w)
  2. English test question (c/w)
  3. Letter to parents...Of thanks for donation.
  4. History questions ... Well everything really. I'm still on lynching which is like 40 pages behind where we are...
  5. Organise English folder.
  6. MAKE a science folder
  7. R.S essay (or is it essay'S?). Oh I am so getting a detention for that...
  8. Summaries TEXTILES sheets... Why??? I ask WHY???
  9. Poem for that House of Hafsa things....

Oh I am sooooo dead!!!!
Kill me now why don't you! (NOTE: This is to my teachers)
Actually don't (kill me that is) I need to finish my kazaz...

Until another more exciting day...NOT.

x peace x

Can't forget: IMPROVE MY SPELLINGS!!! Just like a 6 year-old...

Sunday, 17 February 2008

I swear to god...!!!!!!!! :<

Oh god! Can you believe tomorrow means BACK TO SCHOOL!!!! *drop dead*
I haven't even STARTED my homework!!! Oh I am soooo dead. And those teachers won't leave me alone!
God I actually got an email from my tutor asking for a draft of a campaign letter to parents!
and CC (Captain Complain) another teacher who eats my guts PHONED me!!! To make sure i bring in certain books!!!
It's suppose to be a HOLIDAY!!!
I swear that when I'm a teacher i am NOT going to give homework in the holidays or weekends unless the student is REALLY behind.

I so need to start my homework but at the moment I'm sterilizing my room (no kidding).

x peace x

Thursday, 14 February 2008

A Realist...Can't help it.

O.K I'm going crazy! I NEED my mobile! I'm just realising just how much I rely on my mobile.
I'm even going so crazy as to say that my mobile is my best friend!.

Which just has to be nonsense because I DON'T believe in best friends.

Sure i believe in mates but I don't like that whole sentiment of 'Best Friends Forever'. To me that just sounds silly or just childish.
Which people might say that i being only 15 I am (a child that is) I'm not. I'm a teenager who thinks like an adult.

And no I'm not saying it to look impressive or sound mature, its just that I find all the trends of teens that my mates obsess over ridiculous. I prefer to look at the more rational side of the issue which just makes my mates say that 'I need to act my age' fortunately there's no '...not your shoe size' in the quote.

But the fact of the matter is that while most of my mates are all the oldest in their family I happen to be the youngest of 12 thus allowing me to understand what the true future holds like LIFE full of uncertainties, mortgages, work and consequences. Not the fantasy of teen that they will all go uni get their degree, become rich, marry a millionaire become famous and the rest of that fant-land...

I'm not going to say that I don't have fantasies its just that I don't hold to them as a life resolution and MUST have. God I hope I don't start to...

Now back to my mobile since my contract came to a end at the end of January 08. I ordered a new mobile which should have come on Tuesday 12th February but its just my luck that every thing that i order online ALWAYS comes late so now I've got that tedious email stating that i call them concerning the problem

Oh I really am going crazy.

x Peace x

OH Great! I have more homework...
Oh and just ignore any spelling its just not my forte.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Just a few random facts about me...

  • I'm the youngest girl and child in a family of 12!
  • I'm 15 but already have 10 nieces and nephews
  • I HATE fungi and ugly growing things, Seriously I can end up being irked for ages!
  • I LOVE chicken pasta, its god-like. =]
  • I don't like to eat take-out or restaurant food. I just don't trust them or fancy it either.
  • I'm a Muslim and LOVE it!
  • I absolutely LOVE books! As you probably already figured... I'm addicted to historical's LOL
  • I want to be a teacher. (well I wouldnt mind...)
  • I'm enjoy writing...or typing...
  • ...but in all honestly i'm CRAP at spellings.

x peace x

Monday, 11 February 2008

CAN'T WAIT!!!...for women

O.K so my first blog and all i can say is I CANT WAIT for MARY BALOGH'S coming-soon BOOK!!!
I know I'm acting (or writing) really mad but I feel completely mad but i really can't help it I'm just to ecstatic and can't wait.

Its called SIMPLY PERFECT. The forth and final installment of The Simply quartet by Mary Balogh which comes out on March 28th 2008. But with my great luck that only applies in the US so I'm going to just have to wait a copula months until it comes out here in the UK or I can just be my usual obsessed self and pre-order it for Amazon.COM with a humongous charge...Which is probably what I'll do =]

If you are a women who loves her regency/historical romance novels you just HAVE to read books by MARY BALOGH. Her SLIGHTLY series (about the Bedwyn family) is what made me interested in her books and I have to say with good reason. Read it.

Until another blog. I'm not going to say a more interesting one because i LOVE this book! (No need to add that i have not read it yet...)