Sunday, 24 August 2008

I'm Home!!!

OK so I'm home!!! And I agree with whoever said that one of the best thing about going on holiday (or just away) is coming home. I came late last night but I found a parcel from Amazon; so finally (!!) I get to read Sammy Keyes and the Pshyco Kitty Queen and since I've now finished it (and simply craving the SK & the Dead Giveaway) I am now free to write this entry.

Oh and another thing My sis has named her daughter Maria which leads to the the topic of babies (...). Yup! The house is yet again packed out with kids. In total their are 6 of them and then three of my sisters are here so its real cool. only two bro's but whatever the house is like never quiet.

OK gotta go.

To Maria 'Princess'!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Park, Books and Books.

Just came back from the park and it was like soooo cool! seriously its all done new unlike Nuneaton which has like the lamest parks but whatever. It started to spit then rain but we carried on playing it felt cool. I took pictures but since I Left my USB wire at home i cant upload them till anther time. So till then. Raees rang me while I was there and she was like 'I haven't heard from you in ages! I didn't know if you where alive or dead!' and yes, that is a quote. LOL so Raees if you reading this tou'll know that i'm still alive in the Cyberworld and while at my sister's I am also not so sure if i was a home... =] unfortunately

Since I went library yesterday I've almost finished my third book Ive got like three others left to go then I'm heading back =] God, that reminds me I still need to go school shopping and I even though I'm trying to block all things school-related from my mind Raees asked me if i had 'done any homework?' to which of coarse the reply was 'Naa, you?'...Reply: 'Naa' LOL No wonder your such a great friend Raees! You rock!

Anyways the books two books I finished reading yesterday and the third I'm reading at the moment are WICCA or SWEEP (as you might know them as) by Cate Tiernan. Thres another SWEEP fan site that's cool, just click this.

They're real cool and bring back old memories. If you haven't read them then I suggest you try them out. I also got out This Lullaby by Sarah Desssen, it was recommended in a vlog on YouTube by StacyAnne so I'll check it out later. It looks good though so maybe more on that later I need to go out tea on... C ya.

This to books, what on earth would I do without them?

Monday, 18 August 2008

It a girl!

Hey I'm updating as soon as able cause I said i would. =]  I'm in stoke at the moment down my Big Sisters house along with her three daughters and my bro. Anyways down in B'ham my sister had a daughter around 1 am (just after i posted my past entry). Gotta go. Off to the library. =D

Finally time?

Khansa just phoned she was on her way to the hospital because her waters broke which means that at the moment (iA) she's in labour most likely cuz when she left Nuneaton and for the last few days shes been having really bad pains. Guess she just had to have it in Birmingham huh? lol also happens to be the very day she leaves Nuneaton! =] Oh well, I just hope she alright and I cant wait to find out if the baby's a girl or a boy. I don't know if this will change tomorrow's plans to go to Stoke maybe not but whatever I gotta sleep. Like that's gonna happen any time soon but i'm outta here. Till tomorrow (iA).

Lets give this to my sister, cause labour pains just dont sound good.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Disturbing Todd and Jokes

Just watched Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street and let me tell you that was one disturbing movie! But we had some laughs you cant help it when I watch with my cousins Saj and Sarah plus the fact that Sarah pulled (or shall i say rolled?) out her new LOL. It was jokes ecspecailly cuz the blood in the movie often looked like pasta sauce (...and I LOVE PASTA!!!) So I was all weapon.'I prefer dolmino' and whatever... Nevertheless it was one weird, freaky movie.

That's all for now, my necks hurting and i wanna go drown in some caffeine.

To pasta cause its real easy to make and tastes good at any temp. =)

No hmwrk and Holly's story

Just got a text from Hid and it says:
Helo.dun any of ur hmwrk?

and do you know what? Nup, no I haven't. I haven't done jack. I said this to my mum and there was me thinking she'll be all 'get started' instead what she said was - a direct quote - 'just start it three days before school starts' LMFAO! That really made me laugh, honestly it was funny because its probably what all me and my mates will do =D

Just felt like writing something. I also have put up a link on the side (left) that if you click on it we allow you to read a except of Wendelin Van Draanen's book Runaway. its the story of Holly Janquell one of Sammy Keyes four girl friends. And it sounds cool so as soon as my latest Amazon orders come through I'm planing to order it, maybe it'll be at waterstones (I'll have to check) cause it sure isn't in library. Just click it and read its good, but sad.

So lets toast this to all us teens out in the world who just wish. And can still hope.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sammey keyes and the Runaway Elf

Sammy keyes and the Runaway Elf and I cant believe i didn't want to read it before because of the weird title, it absolutely GREAT! This was a true page turner for me maybe not as intense as SM & the search for snake eyes but defiantly another emotional roller-coaster and that's the thing that iv realised about SM books, Wendelin Van Draanen connects every action towards the end result. Every snooping and mistake is a nudge towards the final result and the journey is full of so many emotional upheavals like the feeling of drowning or the confusion of life and relationships makes this series so damn GOOD! Its truly different to so many books out their and I recommend it to ANYONE!!!

OK so you n=may read this and think 'Why the hell do I wanna read a sob-story?' and the answer is I totally phrased the emotions wrong its not full on brawling its the life of a teenage girl who lives illegally in a Senior Highrise while her mother makes her way in Hollywood and no dad.

God I really want to read the latest three out, That's the thing about living in UK The bloody books ain't even out down here. =] :
  1. Sammy Keyes and the Psycho Kitty Queen <--Ordered from Amazon should come any day soon (!!!)
  2. Sammy Keyes and the Dead Giveaway
  3. Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things. <-- Heard that its like totally good and that we see more of Casey which is awesome!
WOW 2 (although short) entries in one day!

So lets put this to punctuality (god I hate that word it reminds me of school...)

xoxo Shal

a note

Reading SK & the Runaway Elf and iv had this one for a while but never read it cuz it just sounded to weird, but now that iv started to read it I cant stop its really good! Anyways gotta go...

Mum wants to buy a new sofa (dont blame her) so were of to Ikea... Oh, Great! and family outing to Coventry...Like my I don't go there everyday of term LOL

I keep have to remind myself to look at the good things at life so let me just make a new resolution: Do not express teenage depression on the web! =] That sounded funny.

My bro came yesterday, it was also his b0day his 17. Which reminds me that its my b-day in 2 months I'm gonna be 16!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

fluff and overcomeing... --Sammy keyes and Breaking Dawn.

O.K so people I am feeling TOTALLY better, or i am in the mental and emotional state BUT in the physical i so am not cuz Ive got my nephews shouting their (confusingly) small heads OFF!!! While playing ps34 and the truth is they're not even playing properly =DD

But lets ignore the cons and talk about just how much I love Sammy Keyes, okay? I can see my cousin rolling her eyes if she reads this cuz thay all say it for kids but whatevs... =]

I just read Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes
and I telling you not only is it GREAT but its like SOOOOO sad!!!! Seriously it made me cry!!!! and even though that's not the hardest thing sometimes thius was just like tooo sad and the thing is cuz Sammy is 13 and everything is her POV we totally empathise with the emotions *deep breath* I need to calm down the shouting getting louder and i now realise I can instantly move my head because it jolts like mad. LOL

Also another major thing is BREAKING DAWN, yup this book was WAY more than i expected. Seriously. Its like a extended epilogue with so much more than anticipated. Plus I loved how Stephenie Meyer tyed up all the loose strings it was pretty cool. Also after reading I was like SM you just have to write a story on Nessie and Jake, PLEASE!!!! Oh and I have to tell you i totally love the character Garret cuz if you've read it you have to admit his 'revolutionist' ism (?) and speech making is totally Awesome!

Oh an I brought two Sammy Keyes book from car boot totally great cond and it really made my day. God! im kinda really sad, arnt i? actually don't answer that... LOL =]

Tototal random, its just a given. =]