Monday, 11 August 2008

fluff and overcomeing... --Sammy keyes and Breaking Dawn.

O.K so people I am feeling TOTALLY better, or i am in the mental and emotional state BUT in the physical i so am not cuz Ive got my nephews shouting their (confusingly) small heads OFF!!! While playing ps34 and the truth is they're not even playing properly =DD

But lets ignore the cons and talk about just how much I love Sammy Keyes, okay? I can see my cousin rolling her eyes if she reads this cuz thay all say it for kids but whatevs... =]

I just read Sammy Keyes and the Search for Snake Eyes
and I telling you not only is it GREAT but its like SOOOOO sad!!!! Seriously it made me cry!!!! and even though that's not the hardest thing sometimes thius was just like tooo sad and the thing is cuz Sammy is 13 and everything is her POV we totally empathise with the emotions *deep breath* I need to calm down the shouting getting louder and i now realise I can instantly move my head because it jolts like mad. LOL

Also another major thing is BREAKING DAWN, yup this book was WAY more than i expected. Seriously. Its like a extended epilogue with so much more than anticipated. Plus I loved how Stephenie Meyer tyed up all the loose strings it was pretty cool. Also after reading I was like SM you just have to write a story on Nessie and Jake, PLEASE!!!! Oh and I have to tell you i totally love the character Garret cuz if you've read it you have to admit his 'revolutionist' ism (?) and speech making is totally Awesome!

Oh an I brought two Sammy Keyes book from car boot totally great cond and it really made my day. God! im kinda really sad, arnt i? actually don't answer that... LOL =]

Tototal random, its just a given. =]

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