Friday, 15 August 2008

No hmwrk and Holly's story

Just got a text from Hid and it says:
Helo.dun any of ur hmwrk?

and do you know what? Nup, no I haven't. I haven't done jack. I said this to my mum and there was me thinking she'll be all 'get started' instead what she said was - a direct quote - 'just start it three days before school starts' LMFAO! That really made me laugh, honestly it was funny because its probably what all me and my mates will do =D

Just felt like writing something. I also have put up a link on the side (left) that if you click on it we allow you to read a except of Wendelin Van Draanen's book Runaway. its the story of Holly Janquell one of Sammy Keyes four girl friends. And it sounds cool so as soon as my latest Amazon orders come through I'm planing to order it, maybe it'll be at waterstones (I'll have to check) cause it sure isn't in library. Just click it and read its good, but sad.

So lets toast this to all us teens out in the world who just wish. And can still hope.

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Skippy said...

Moms can to the most strange things. But that is pretty funny

thanks for the comment, come back soon!