Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Park, Books and Books.

Just came back from the park and it was like soooo cool! seriously its all done new unlike Nuneaton which has like the lamest parks but whatever. It started to spit then rain but we carried on playing it felt cool. I took pictures but since I Left my USB wire at home i cant upload them till anther time. So till then. Raees rang me while I was there and she was like 'I haven't heard from you in ages! I didn't know if you where alive or dead!' and yes, that is a quote. LOL so Raees if you reading this tou'll know that i'm still alive in the Cyberworld and while at my sister's I am also not so sure if i was a home... =] unfortunately

Since I went library yesterday I've almost finished my third book Ive got like three others left to go then I'm heading back =] God, that reminds me I still need to go school shopping and I even though I'm trying to block all things school-related from my mind Raees asked me if i had 'done any homework?' to which of coarse the reply was 'Naa, you?'...Reply: 'Naa' LOL No wonder your such a great friend Raees! You rock!

Anyways the books two books I finished reading yesterday and the third I'm reading at the moment are WICCA or SWEEP (as you might know them as) by Cate Tiernan. Thres another SWEEP fan site that's cool, just click this.

They're real cool and bring back old memories. If you haven't read them then I suggest you try them out. I also got out This Lullaby by Sarah Desssen, it was recommended in a vlog on YouTube by StacyAnne so I'll check it out later. It looks good though so maybe more on that later I need to go out tea on... C ya.

This to books, what on earth would I do without them?

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