Wednesday, 13 August 2008

a note

Reading SK & the Runaway Elf and iv had this one for a while but never read it cuz it just sounded to weird, but now that iv started to read it I cant stop its really good! Anyways gotta go...

Mum wants to buy a new sofa (dont blame her) so were of to Ikea... Oh, Great! and family outing to Coventry...Like my I don't go there everyday of term LOL

I keep have to remind myself to look at the good things at life so let me just make a new resolution: Do not express teenage depression on the web! =] That sounded funny.

My bro came yesterday, it was also his b0day his 17. Which reminds me that its my b-day in 2 months I'm gonna be 16!!


tessa said...

sammy keyes rocks, dude. :] just wait till you meat heathers brother, casey. :]

Shali said...

Me -being just weird- am reading the Runaway Elf last from all the books I have which means after Curse of Moustache Mary and Search for Snake Eyes =] And I know its weird of me but seriously having Casey in the books makes it even better, a real treat! LOL. But he sounds so cute.

Havent read the latest three yet cuz they arnt out here in UK ;( But I hear that Wild Things has even more of Cammy.