Thursday, 31 July 2008

crappy or cramppy?

O.K so today im like REALLY REALLY pissed off. and its the "i dont effing care, life sucks and can i just kill myself?" pissed of as well
Seriously i thonk I should jsut write a lovely list. So here goes:

  1. Woke up so bloody early that i had to make bloody cheesball. FGS! man who can be assed? all this making of it all has makd me loose my appatite for them. And its the blimmin SUMER HOLIDAYS which means your not ment to do jack! God whatver it done and engraved its laborious self on my already black mood.
  2. Next: I spent this WHOLE WEEK creating a video for YouTube and yesterday i eidted the ACTUL final video like THREE time (again!) so today the first thing I come on to upload it I blimmin DELETED IT!!!! So FGS! What am i suppose to do now? just sit their looking at all the saved material that makes up the blimmin vid? or make a whole new one? No I think NOT! And i know its my whole bloody fault (everthing is, i hate blaming others even when pissed ) but God how much can a girl take when it the ToM? huh? And dont even annswer that, actually dont even answer ANY of this (if youve even reached this far in the tiraid..). Whatever.
  3. O.K so I go on to to read todays quote which is: "Jacob: "I'll kill you myself! I'll do it now!" And instead of going into a reveare of theory of what it could mean I just think "FOR god sake! Cantthe blimmin book just come out instead of making us so bloody despret? Whats the point of all the suspence when UK reader (like myself) arnt even going to get two extra quotes for the TWO EXTRA days that we have to wait? And also whats up with that? When Harry Potter came out the release in UK and US was exact same just maybe a slight difference in the time.
  4. NEXT is that theres me looking out the frontroom window when i see the beautiful, atmospheric hueness of the moring sky (told you i woke up too bloody early) AND do you know what i though? -after strolling outside at my morose leasure time? I tjought 'WHY the bloody hell am i sitting at home on the bloody SUMMER HOLIDAYS? Whay the hell arn't i atleast seeing the sky Yorkshire? or much less Birmingham? And just writing that makes me depressed cause why on earth am I to go to even Birmingham? Atleast in Yorkshire, albeait Batley, i'll see some county side while in B'ham is like 15 MINUTES away! Serioulu BOTTOM LINE is staying indoors is messing with my head , i need freash air and all i'm getting the bloody chapatty smoke. God why doesnt my mum want to go anywhere> its summer holiday which I now realise that on this blog -as well as real life- I am constantly REPEATING???!!!!

*DEEP BREATH* ......... I know i told my mates that i would update as soon as I could and this doesn't really count as the best update but maybe my next post will be more... i cant even think of a work....urrr...Jolly? Yes that's something i'm certainly NOT feeling.

And i'm rather sad (i know! ANOTHER...) that I'm not in a better mood because I have so much GOOD and NICE news to express but im certainly not saying it now cuzz i feel sick and my cramps are now officially killing me.


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