Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Just a update.

Hey people!
In school at the moment got a full-dress assembly rehearsal at 10:30 (or summit...) anyways just felt like popping in since I haven't written in AGES!
God did Sid just say 'did you know yesterday your arse was on fire?' to Zak? LMAO that girl is seriously weird (I love you if your are reading this) Now shes attempting to 'help' Zak and Fatima with painting but we all know that girl cant do jack... =]

Joined a Twilight BB its actually quiet cool to discuss all My theories but i still [prefer for that. Plus the Twi BB has really small font and the avatars are like finger-print size! Honestly where the hell do you get 'fingerprint' avatars. (I tittled it myself so don't go googling for 'fingerprint avatars' ) LOL. Plus: We have to 'browse' off the computer for the avatar I'm so much used to just pasting in a URL. But that's enough whining on my part I have to go now.

xoxo Shal

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