Sunday, 15 June 2008

Let the war begin!

{God, lets hope not}

OMG!!! You just have to watch this vid:

Personally i don't see a need to compete but lets face it theirs ALWAYs competition And the fact that Twilight and Harry Potter are both:
  1. Set among mystical creatures
  2. Have HUGE fan bases - Have you seen the amount of fan sites out there?
  3. Have the whole 'The wait is over. At 12:01 a.m...'
  4. Are AMAZING
  5. Great
  6. ...and i love them (o.k lets say LOADS of people LOVE them)
  7. Movies come out 2 weeks apart
  8. And so many more but I'm not thinking coherently. =]
Anyhoo don't you just LOVE the hype? *cackles evilly*

And even though I feel bad (well only a tiny bit) that IMO I'm siding with Twilight. Just look at it this way: Harry Potter (the books) are over while the movies are only just starting to not suck. While on the other hand we have the Twilight Series that's still got it blood flowing and has two more releases (Braking Dawn and Midnight Sun) and a movie that no one has seen yet so anticipation and not to mention hyperventilation (over Edwards crooked smile...*sigh*) just seem to reel me in that direction.

But as I said that's my opinion. Feel free to comment your opinion.

x peace x


~kcasti said...

OME! I loooove Twilight. ;) Ha ha. Unfortunately, it's been said that the movie will be out here in the Philippines on January 2009. And that's like the most annoying thing! Hoppin' here, btw ;)

Shali said...

I know exactly wot u mean! I'm just soooo phyc'd and my family just think i'm mental. lol. I'm sori bout the later date i do hope it cumz out here (in England) in Dec 08. I should check it up...
Its nice to hear from a fellow 'Twilighter'.=]