Thursday, 17 July 2008


WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *doing the tango... inside* =]

Seriously you don't understand! Its like finally being able to breath. Honestly I had started to think of school as a form of compulsory TORTURE and I'm not kidding either. My only hold on survival is my mates, or should i say inmates? =] (I know that sounds way drama-queenish but just bear with me cause: I'M FREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao) xDDD

Anyways what should i do now that my calender is empty as can be and all I have to look forward to this hols is the release of Breaking Dawn which doesn't come out till Monday 4th August so its like 18 days or summing till then...

YouTube has been fun in the last weeks iv uploaded a couple of vids just to try out the thing. But I still prefer to watch vids =]. Twilight (the movie) has a new clip out. Apparently its the new trailer but I'm not so sure since we have some presenter guy talking in the background, there's no catchy phrases flashing on the screen ( you know the type? its like: 'When you live forever... What do you live for?' And you know what i mean...) and also half of the vid is full of 'Edward smashing up the floor boards' =] Just watch the clip

But anyways iv embedded it below so have fun watching cause seriously I CANT WAIT!!! for both 4/8 and 12/12.

Cool or what? Although there was this comment of the vid by someone (Sorry! I cant remember the name) but its also a though that I had which was that they will probably show all the clips of the movie before it even comes out. LOL. As much as I enjoy all the sneak peeks i have to say that would be a bummer I like a surprise as well as the next person. So i really do hope they (the movie people) don't release ALL the things they already have a great fan-base they don't need to promote it that much so i really cant wait... Its like 5 months left or something? Yup that's correct I really should get the movie countdown for the page.

xoxo Shali

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