Wednesday, 9 July 2008

TWILIGHT on Entertainment weekly

ewcover.jpg (JPEG Image, 500x672 pixels)

This is a coming cover of Entertainment weekly featuring a interview with Stephenie Meyer.
*runs off jumping and screaming!'

OMG!!!! People just LOOK at this cover its mag!!!! (mind the pun) Now I'm gonna go try to spread the news... =] Actually for some reason i cant seem to put it up but
'i will not give up' shali says to herself, madly typing at the keyboard. She must save the pic she MUST!

Shal zooms of.............................

i no I'm weird but u no u luv me )well i no you weird class mates of mine do =])

xoxo Shal
Edited: Shal did it! WOOHOO! O.k now shal admits shes just plain weird and it wasn't so hard she must have been too excited. (I've posted a pic of it... as you can probably already see... =] )


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