Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Just a few random facts about me...

  • I'm the youngest girl and child in a family of 12!
  • I'm 15 but already have 10 nieces and nephews
  • I HATE fungi and ugly growing things, Seriously I can end up being irked for ages!
  • I LOVE chicken pasta, its god-like. =]
  • I don't like to eat take-out or restaurant food. I just don't trust them or fancy it either.
  • I'm a Muslim and LOVE it!
  • I absolutely LOVE books! As you probably already figured... I'm addicted to historical's LOL
  • I want to be a teacher. (well I wouldnt mind...)
  • I'm enjoy writing...or typing...
  • ...but in all honestly i'm CRAP at spellings.

x peace x

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