Monday, 12 May 2008

Seven Words Before School

Just a quick entry before I get ready for school...
Well I could start with those constant seven words that tape themselves around my head:
'Can't Be Arsed To Go To School', yup that's seven words. I'm gonna try to come up with nee ones once in a while. It would probably be best if I put it in a morning entry that way I get my brain to start thinking... lol. Yes Shali, The sentence you just came up with was really strenuous... LOL.

Oh well that made me feel a touch better. Now I just gotta prepare myself for double R.S and Urdu (God! I hate those lessons; Don't get me wrong I understand that they may come of importance but for the now ... I Just Can't Be Arsed =] )

O.K, so why is my mum sitting around a pile of books reading a book titled: The Burma-Siam Railway ? I just asked her and she said its interesting and that its very detailed.

Spent yesterday watching the last two episodes of the Star Wars trilogy ( and Empire Strikes BackThe return Of The Jedi) I can't believe i forgot much of what happens I felt as if i was watching it for the first time!

Gotta go...

x peace x

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