Thursday, 22 May 2008

A total loss of week

Week in a word? Fast
I first opting for 'Busy' but the only repetitive thing I've done aside from attending school is watching 'Gossip Girl' and trust me when i say 'busy' cuz (I) having only started watching it (GG) this week, I have already watched the whole first season (!!!). Now, would you call that a waste of great worship/homework time? or just fine for someone my age? Well seeing as I had a actual GCSE Science test- Unit 1 this Wednesday, I know i should have been more concerned about the test, but I did revise and all in all I think I must have at least scraped a C. Which is actually fine by me but if (and I pray it is so) that i do get above then WOOHOO!!!

Now as you may have realised the Half-term Holiday looms above me (and maybe even you) and do you know that means in my life? Yup in (again) one word: Family

Starting from today the quiet house of 6 went up by another 6 giving a nice round Dozen (lol). But trust me mores on the way (inshaallah)

I can't think what I'm doing so I'm going of now. Ta!

x peace x

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