Sunday, 4 May 2008

A weird weekend.

Well this day has certainly been ... different. Well as in oppose to normal days when I just:
1) Go school
2) Read
3) Eat
4) Some chores
5) Attempt to do homework
6) Surf the net
7) And sleep

But now that during Friday and yesterday the house occupants went up from the normal 5 to a big loud, boisterous and whooping 22!!! I finally came up with a answer to my last post; Yes, it is a good thing! I'm having so much fun! Normally I would be couped up in my bedroom reading *guilty*. But yesterday being such a fine weather me had tea in the garden while the kids messed around. Then with the kids I sat down and watched Enchanted which was... lovely *sigh* seriously, I love it when they make movies that are so... weird (for lack of a better word... unique?) For example how I love Shrek (come on you have to as well!) its a great concoction of fairy tales added with a great ugly ogre as the hero (plus Bonnie Tyler's great 'I Need A Hero' playing in my mind...). Although Enchanted doesn't run with the whole ugly-duckling theme, the characters are all amazingly... perfect...? Code by Dan Brown) ruin my image of the book. But Its a lovely lite-mood movie that really lifts your spirit and makes you laugh. Plus we get to see James Marsden singing... LOL. Next we watched The DiVinci Code, I think the reason I didn't watch it when it came out is because I didn't want the film adaption of such a great book (The DiVinci I'm happy to say that I was actually impressed with the movie it was good (although its complicated if you don't understand the theme... or in other words those who haven't read the book). Talking about complicated another movie that I watched was Matrix Revolution (it was coming on TV so I couldn't help myself... well is that suppose to be that I did help myself?) And as was bound to happen I became really sad that Neo and Trinity die! *sob, sob* Trust man, I'm in mourning (well, figuratively) But anyways if you want boggle your mind out just watched that especially if you haven't watched the first two of the trilogy (lately). But despite the grieving and the conviction that Matrix (One) was the best in the trilogy, I have to say that it was nice to see the whole Matrix gang again after so long... Even Agent Smith (probably because he's played by Hugo Weaving who plays V from V for Vendetta.=] )

Oh god its not even 10 o'clock in the morning and the I can hear the song 'How Do I Know' from Enchanted cause the kids are already watching... And I'm missing Breakfast.

Gotta go.

x peace x

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