Sunday, 4 May 2008

Just trying this e-mail feature.

I already published a big enough blog for today but I really want to see if this email-to-my-blog thing works so lets see. Well if your reading this It has. =]

Today's book: Finished Honest Illusion by Nora Roberts
                    Was attempting to read Amanda Quick's : Wait Until Midnight.
  However before i could get into it I found a certain (can't remember the name; I'll give it later) Star Wars book that my brother just brought today. But since his reading it I haven't been able to read it properly but I'm quiet excited  cause Mara-Jade comes in it and I absolutely love all those SW books that do have her in them.
 But while I wait I'm going back to some Balogh's and  Quinn's . Actually I really should try and get into that Amanda Quick book...
Anyways gotta go...
 x peace x

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