Monday, 26 May 2008


O.K. Had one of the greatest days in my life yesterday and even though its taken me this long to finally narrate it I am full of such... Exuberance. Yup, that fits. Anyways Yesterday courtesy of my brother (in-law): Mol Sid, my sister Memz and my dreams =] I went, finally! to Chatsworth!

WOW I'm still so psyched, which if you look at how long I've wanted to go Chatsworth (like forever! Just ask anyone who knows me...) shouldn't be much of a surprise. I went with Sums (my niece) and as I mentioned before my sister and her husband.

After trying so many times to express what a great time I had and how beautiful Chatworth and Derbyshire is I'm just going to post some of photos that I took. Hope you enjoy looking at them while keeping in mind that pixels can never give justice to real-life.

To tired to write anything else. Why do I seem to get so tired so easily lately? Its really annoying me; I don't even have any school (thank god!) Anyways... It was great next on my historic house to visit is Stoneleigh Abbey. I know, I know! I just got to go somewhere so i should calm down a little, but you know what they say: 'Aim high' and right now I'm liking the phrase not that I milk everything for what its worth I just LOVE to dream. and being in such a frivolous mood I'll say something that I will probably never say aloud (I prefer to keep most thoughts within): Oh crap I can't say anything I just can't I'm so used to keeping feelings like this in that publishing it is just too out... Sorry for the lead up.
I seriously need to go sleep now I feel like I'm falling asleep on this chair =]
The only hint i can give (blatant or not) is that tomorrow I'm going library and getting out: England: Travels Through an Unwrecked Landscape. Oh God! Now I'm loosing my mind(This is what happens when i begin daydreaming)

peace x

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UKBob said...

Hi Shali, I'm glad you got to visit Chatsworth, I used to work in the gardens there so like you I have many nice memories. One of my favourite places I used to like working when there was way out in the gardens, there is a little grotto on a small hill that over looks a lake, it was really peaceful out there. Anyway I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that, if you want to ask me anything about Chatsworth please feel free. You can catch me on my own blog.