Tuesday, 27 May 2008

So...Wheres my lost Duke?

The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn came out today!

... In the US

Well that pops my balloon... *Sad sigh*

However that fact that I couldn't order it (I'll talk of this new resolution another time; its long and deserves a entry of its own - no matter how... un-
new (?) it becomes) really started to kill me cuz everyone knows: I LOVE buying BOOKS!!! EBay it, Amazon it, Que at midnight I'm there!

Anyways back to my story. I was saved from sudden (well slow) death (Melodramatic or what?) when at the last moment -yup a straining ONE day before release -Monday 26th May- My sister Khansa pre-ordered it!!! WOOHOO!!! And you guessed it, I'm next (Why does she have to live in Birmingham?) But coming from the US its estimated arrival is the 20th June. Finger-crossed that it will come WAY before then...

of June the answer is the stores in You may ask why I (cross that out Shali!) don't just buy it from UK since it comes out on the 5th Nuneaton don't get new books from JQ an till WAT after publication date. I'm pained to say that shes just not as famous as McEwan and Roberts - In my opinion she should be; shes great! And I recommend her to anyone.

With a new bubble or did I use balloon?

peace x

P.S.: A Interesting fact: In TLDOW the Dukes family surname is Cavendish. And you as you know i went to Chatsworth a couple of days ago, so guess what? The (who live there) surname is ALSO Cavendish. Duke and Duchess of DevonshireCoincidence? I think not.

But if you look at it Quinn has a imagination so she must have thought of it on her own w
ell unless she like me saw what a beauty Chatsworth is and inspiration struck ( Jane Austen's 'Pembely'. Which any fan of austen knows was inspired by chatsworth).

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