Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Updates that are way late.

Been an age since i last writ! And guess what? I'm now 16! WOOOHOOOO!!!! Yup my birthday was on Monday (the 3rd). And I have a new resolution: Which is to 'priorities my priorities' LOL That sounded weird even to me although I have complete understanding of the statement.
Guess what i just read?

The EXCEPT of Princess Diaries 10!!! So good!!!! I totally need to read the rest. Which my brother just told me 'is the piont'. Whatever, it worked cause I still (really) want to read the rest.
Ive been checking up a lot lately probably cause I'm still a bit hooked onto His (Anthony Horowitz) latest release; The fourth book in his Power of 5 series: Necropolis. Which by the way is AMAZING! The ending actually left me mouth-opened-eyes-popping-speechless. Trust me if you haven't read The Power of 5 series, you are so missing put.

In other news got a new I.C.T teacher. Who its too early to judge seems to be quiet nice. But time will tell aside for that observation having anew teacher (sine the previous one's on maternity leave) quiet frankly: Sucks.

See B.Amina was cool. And if your reading this at the moment Baji (wouldn't put it past you LOL): Let me tell you you were one great teacher and I'm gonna miss ya. Lets hope this teacher can live up to it, not likely but miracles have happened.

God, I'm sounding way to cheesy, let me get put of here before I express my un-dieing love for... Shit I'm stopping now. However I'd like to say there is one person out their that i don't love at all, much less like. I won't say her name but if you know me you know her. Saj wasn't that audio clip just great? *gags* =DD

Much Love,

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