Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Four letters to think about...and no I don't mean L.O.V.E...

its: G.C.S.E and I'm sure those teachers would rather we act more than just think about it...

  • To some its the first stride to their life's goal,
  • to some a phase that teaches you that success does actually come from revision,
  • for others its just a bridge that must be tread on carefully so that you can reach that long, wide stretch of summers break on the other end, in one piece.
For me? Lets just say its a trial of patience and capability.

To be honest, the truth is I wouldn't like to describe this in anyway, because its really rather annoyingly personal. However I'll try and you can criticise (nothing pleases me more, I actually mean this cause it helps.), after all we all have different experiences: You may be someone who has ALWAYS done your homework, never missed a deadline, and strives on the pleasures of education; maybe you simply endure school so that escape comes quicker; or perhaps you are the one who stretches the deadline, doesn't mind getting that D, after all its only a few marks from C, and that good right? And finally (but certainly not last in a whole world of teenage sense) you just can't be arsed because life is for living and YouTube and Facebook is just way more interesting.

All in all the point is every teenager looks at G.C.S.E's through the eyes of their environment. I don't exactly have a mum and dad who pressure me to get the best grades, and I'm one who border lined that deadline and has a library of excuses , yet I still know that whatever grades I end up with will be with me forever, so those cells of common sense that like to intrude in on reading time KNOW that I should unplug my social- and fiction-time, roll my socks up and put my head down and revise. Because just like that bullet point above, this moment, this G.C.S.E is just a short, yet challenging, bridge. And on that other end lies a long, long summer holiday....and my results. So wouldn't you rather bask in that summers day with good grades, rather than let G.C.S.E's to ruin even them (in context of time)?

Bottom line? There's no question about it, even if your not academic just revise and those G.C.S.E's wont continue to ruin your days, it'll make it...sunny.

OK, even I can't believe I just said all this crap but I needed a way of uncoiling the whirl in my head. Even if it hasn't uncoiled the knots in my shoulders. :(

Here's to luck. Luck to all those student currently tied up (and tired) with G.C.S.E's and how its going to effect your life. Luck to my real Urdu orals this Friday and finally just luck to everyone, for whatever they hope to achieve.

x Sammy

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