Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hectic As Can Be...or am I saying that too early?

God it really has been a long, LONG time since I last blogged. You see I just read back a cupola entry's and theirs me going on about Khansa giving birth to Maariya (who is absolutely gorgeous BTW). While now its been so long (or its probably my insanely large family) that I have another niece and another nephew...

Crap. LOLz its all I can say. Actually I can say that its great and it is, its fun but hectic especially at times like this, where I've got my bloody GCSE's and my brothers getting married in a months time. Exactly a month, now I come to think of it, its the 11th and his weddings on April 11th. F*** this is just to fast. Now not only do I have the 14th niece or nephew (Yes, another on the way...thankfully it's due around October...) but I'm also gonna have another sister-in-law. And I haven't even brought any shoes!!!! For the big day I mean. I love what I'm gonna wear though (IA). Its getting made but its long, maroon and gold with an empire waste. That's for the Walima (the second day). On the wedding day I'm wearing Silver....and crap! I still need to go get a bag for it!

Now this is what I mean when I say hectic:
  • Two babies born 2o days apart (my Bro's named Aamina; and my Sister's first son named Muhammed),
  • G.C.S.E's (revision, coursework, homework...pressure),
  • a very close wedding,
  • shopping for end-of-year gifts
  • and so, so much more.... Welcome to my life. Youngest of 12 and the aged 16. Need I say more? :p (the 16 part gives allowance to any melodrama...LOL)

This I'll give to the dodgy dynamics of love and all that it implies.

xo Sammy

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