Saturday, 15 March 2008

Yo Bloggers!

I'm writing to say that my current most used word -sad or not- is 'YO!'
Seriously i'm in school and i'm calling to my teacher "Yo!' and the great thing is most of them dont even care so untill the habit wears of -as is most likely cuz I get bored of it sooner or later - I'll be using this most cringing tearm.

I finally started to day like 10 days late so i'v got the worst case of cramps! HELP!

....And the thing is help did come in the form of 'JUICE' yup a new shop has just opened in Ropewalk which makes the juice right infront of you you can even select the fruits you want I just picked a selection called 'Forbiden Fruits' and trust when i say it was
goooood.... =]

I can still taste it although it finished really quickly. But it did help to sidestep the cramps that are still there :(

I am currently spring-cleaning my room throwing away rubbish, neatening my book and things and also putting together the books that I really don't need so I can sell them in Car Boot. But I have to wait till my dad comes back from jamaat (in 2/3 week time) so he can help me because if theirs one person who knows carboot it my dad.


Edit 28th April: O.K Just read this entry and God! did I cringe just to clear my mind I have definetly gotten out of that habbit. *shudder* . Let me just blame the time of the month (but even my mind does'nt undertsand that logic...). The only reason i'm not deleting this entry is because I believe that one day I may come upon it I remember that its not a bad thing to br wierd.

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