Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Which Julia Quinn Heroine Are You?

I love quizzes , even flow charts and the rest, as long as they take the the time it takes to get to Africa I'm fine with them... Well most of them, prefer entertaining ones that like; 'Which cartoon cartoon character are you?' or 'Which Hogwarts house do you belong to?' or even 'Are you a born leader?' (Actually I've never done that one so if anyone knows a link just holla...)

Anyways from the BB that I'm a member of (Eloisa James & Julia Quinn Bulletin Board), I found a link to this great quiz 'Which Julia Quinn Heroine Are You?' (For those who don't know who JQ is well Lady! -I mention the females since she writes romance novels, although I have no problem with men reading them its just more... feminine- anyway... Lady, you're seriously missing out, she just happens to be one of the best a authors in the WORLD!!!)

the link is:

And I'm happy to say that I'm Lucy! (Don't even care if you don't know who the hell she is)

Actually it's quiet a coincidence seeing as yesterday and today I've been reading On the Way To the Wedding (twice). I absolutely love this book its so... different (for lack of a more expressive word.) to the normal books.

Oh that reminds me! I finally read SIMPLY PERFECT and god! It was so worth the wait! Mary Balogh has hit another winner i tell you. *sigh*
Its now 11:30 p.m i really should be heading to bed but its been such a long time since I wrote on this blog. Anyway until another entry... I hope.



Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Thanks for the quiz. I recently started reading for Julia and I'm starting to become a Julia Quinnholic LOL.

I just took this quiz a million time and I'm never the same character, but the 1st time I did I was Victoria from Everything and the Moon.

Sammy said...

LOL it's been simply AGES since I updated this blog! So thanks for splashing the water in my face! Really. =]
I just took quiz again and I got Francesca. I think I got her before as well, which is a pity since she's my least fav Bridgerton. No offence if you loved her book, JQ herself said that people either love it or hate it, theres usualy no middle ground.
Anyways thanks for commenting I hope you enjoy all the JQ's. However IMO her older ones are MORE enjoyable. Howeve this doesnt mean that the atest arnt good, they just have a different tone (...or feel).
You might want to check out the Bulletin Board (the link is above). Its really cool.

x Sammy

Anonymous said...

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