Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Lady Ungraced

I little poem that came to me today. Its derived from various influences of the past few months...School, Summer Hols, Current Events and Entertainment:

It's a musty smell and
it's protuberant its here,
It's a dominant siren
its loud and its clear.
Its when the mother calls
your advice is all i hear,
when the teacher shouts my
opinion is all i perceive
and finally when i read your
words its the ink and
pulp i admire.
This is me the arrogant pup,
the lady who's passed the
ladies rut.
I'm demeaning, I'm
conniving yet that's what
they all love.
Why live in chastity when
vivacious is all the rage?
Why listen to the Parliament
when Vogue is much more
appreciated...yet both
disguise there faults
...tremendous faults.
xox The Lady Ungraced

x Sammy

Image: Dan Seagrave (Fall From Grace)

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