Saturday, 15 August 2009

Sugar Rush....or simply Rush

A funny day today.... it started good; I woke up early for once (its the holidays!!! :D) Anyways the weird thing was the house was quiet and i mean as in run-into-no-one-and-hear-nothing-Quiet which is Extremely odd as my sister (and hubby) are currently over with their four (LOUD) kids and so is my bro.... so I hop into the kitchen feeling all happy make a cup of tea then go to my room and enjoy it and just for the sake of it i'm callin up Sookie and Cookie to wake them up looool let me tell you THAT was FUUUNNNN after all its 9 o'clock =D

Then ofcousre the house becomes alive apparently evryone was in my mums room the hell didn't i hear any of that....cause trust my family is anything but quiet, God, i love them all So much <3.

One time went to town with S&C and that is amazing we always end up going town 1 hour later....but seeing as i was Mizz-Raise-An-Shine today i (literally) started their day early with the sounds of metal spoon CLANGING on metal saucepans =] God, that was Fuuuuunnnn....sookie got bare pissed *Big Wide Grin Invades My Face* lool.

But the weird thing is we went Library (a Must) then WHSmith (which BTW has a Great sale on stationary ATM), popped into The Body Shop and then hit Costa....and then that's all. Yup just went home cant believe i went to like one shop but spent like an hour in Costa reading Lisa Kleypas's Devil In Winter (for the 70th time...this year) and listening to S&C discuss the articles of (God Help Me!) The Evening Telegraph. Not that i have a problem with TET but cum on it's Costa and in their selection of Newspapers is -get this... The Evening Telegraph; The Mirror, The Star; The Nuneaton Telegraph and FINALLY The Times. ONE broad sheet in mass of tabloids...what happened to The FT, The Guardian and my personal favourite The Independent???

Oh well onto the next stage of my (albeit boring life) day: When my sister went home I spent the time annoying everyone by lounging on the sofa, making weird sounds and singing what ever came to my head...basically celebrating the fact that I'm back to being the youngest in the house =DD

This random post goes to Sookie, Cookie and My family LOVE you all loads and loads and loads
xoxo Sammy

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