Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The silent before the storm

Wooohooo!!!! My FIRST Ever Follower on I'm grinning like an idiot but I'm allowed :D

I just hope to god Blogspot doesn't become like Twitter (why do i even try to do that??) trust me when i say that its just another spamming network, all that happens (if you don't have secure account) if a crowd of women, with *uh um* pornographically profile pix looking to hook up.... simply put: Ewwwww :S Then next you get the advertising which is as annoying as my P pains which allow me to (again) say Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggggg....... Now that was nice.

Now back to life, yes dull but soon to be CRAZY, cause for anyone who's read previous entry's on the hectic areas of my life, that along with the title would CLEARLY indicate that yes, my family's coming

*tun-tun-ta-taa* loool i think that was more of a funeral march. But I'm So excited Three sisters are coming and that means five kids and 1 little sweet angel (A) =) apparently N & K have been preparing a trip somewhere for us all to go this Thursday its probably a theme park seeing as i cant imagine taking the kids to the museum....well I can imagine my self taking them -one day in my big black sexy Range Rover......... OK time to wake up now- but not with a whole entourage of people.

A cliche subject the weather. But seeing as this is England not known for its sunny, hot days and reliable summer I have to comment... Today if positively B-E-A-utiful! I woke up today nice an early, my hair wasn't playing up, i hadn't left my mp3 on all night and the sun was simply smiling down on me LooooL Cliched, i know but we have to admit cliche's are cliched because they're used so much and why may i ask are they used so much?? Because they have the charm of being the first of their kind and the underestimated beauty of the old.
Now its time to go town, cause knowin the weather it'll probably start raining when i leave the house.... but i think not. :D

xox Sammy

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