Friday, 14 August 2009

IM BACK!!!! ...with waffle(s?) :D

You may not understand this post, it may seem a load of waffle but in truth its part soundboard and part therapeutic :D

I haven't frequented this blog in awhile... actually the bare truth is I've shamefully neglected it but I'm going to start updating *fingers crossed* REGULARLY.

That is until I'm off to boarding school but even then I'm going to try and make the time. I wonder if we're allowed on the Internet there? Probably not seeing as we're not even allowed mobiles, mp3 or 'novels, magazines' talk bout deprivation... But oh well it was my choice to go and I'm so glad i got accepted...even if i did kinda scare the women who was interviewing me by talking too much *cringe*. But that what happens when I'm nervous but WOOHOOO term starts on October 4th so Again WOOHOOO like FOUR MONTHS holiday and it's just so fun shopping for all my supplies. Can't help it man, it very 'retail therapy'...and i can't believ i just said that cause I'm usually the pessimistic one who would give a explanation (plus examples) on how retail therapy if false...which it is but I'm trying to think happy right now so SMILE!!!!! =DD

Lool that was so weird.
Till my next blog lots of love Sammy x

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