Monday, 1 February 2010

Im Back!!!!

So I'm back for a week! I love holidays and i plan to just be lazy, shop and use the net... It feels weird though cause at JAK we use all are time real constructively, like; wake up, Fajr, breakfast, dars, lunch, Zuhr, 6-Form, motala (homework session), dinner, kidmat, Esha then 10:30 bed-chek thats the scedual from Mon to Fri. And i love it because you start to utilise all your time wisely and learn to make time aswell. Plus that jolt of responsibility and Independence is a eye-opener.
All that said, I'm looking forward to this week of uselessness.

First thing on the Agenda:
Home: Be with my mum as much a possible <3 And eat as much home food as possible!
Badly want a camera (miss my old one SO much!), so that inshallah will be the first thing i spend my untouched EMA on... =)
Mates: Hang out with Sarah&Saj (a.k.a. Sooki&Cookie) Miss them guys too much <3
Misc: Read, Read and Facebook! loool

Well that's the really water-down list.

But the thing 'bout being in JAK you learn the reality of life but you forget the reality of the living. And for that i thank God for the fact its only 2 year because as much as i love JAK, i really do. Love it that it. I don't want to become so veiled that i am no longer able to relate to my source, my family, my mates and most of all the world. That being said i want to enjoy the 2 years as much as i can, to squeeze out all that i can and hope to come out a better person for I've been told again and again (including my past school-self) that time flies. Like my brother wrote in his letter to me 'time waits for no one' and he should know he spent 11 years studying and now he's graduated and life still goes on...

....on a trivial note-for i have so much tension within me my hands are shaking Really badly, i hope it's from the cold but it usually happens when I'm really uneasy, my mind won't stop churning- I would like to say its nice being back! I love home and my family, no matter what were going though now we have faith and I pray so much we'll get though everything as better. more worthy people Ameen.

Well that didn't come out to trivial but I'll try next time.

Loads of love and faith ,

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