Wednesday, 25 August 2010


OK just had the LONGEST optician's appointment, over an hour. With my cousin who i think will expire from boredom....LOL
Anyways on the library Internet so i have to be quick, stingy minutes man. :)
Guess what today's Big Thing is?
the Release of Mockingjay by Suzanne collins, its the last book in the Hunger games trilogy.
for some reason i'm not as hyped to read it as I was for the previous installment but I still do want to read it.
Thers just something very comforting about closure. Aside for the obvious... :)
I picked new glasses today as well, i had the intention of getting so different Orange ones, those that know me, know that its one of my favorite colours....
but i ended up with rather odd, yet comfortable red and marbled cream effect rectangles. Its nice though and slightly discreet, just what i wanted.
That's all i can write for now, have like 4 Min's left and i need to finish this Maximum Ride fanfic I've just started.
Peace x

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